University administrators gather for performance and management review

University top management administrators—deans, directors, vice presidents, and the university president—participate in this year’s performance and management review organized by the Quality Management System Center (QMSC), headed by its director, Admin. Officer Ma. Lourdes R. Austria. The event is being held at the Subic Bay Peninsular Hotel.
On its first day, September 7, Dr. Salvacion J. Pachejo, Vice President for Planning and Development (VPPD), welcomed the delegates. “This (management review) gives the administrators an opportunity to see cluster accomplishments and the result of the internal audit conducted last August. This is one way to determine how far the university has reached its target. All of these efforts are being made to improve the services rendered for the stakeholders”, Dr. Pachejo said.
The university president, Dr. Ma. Eugenia M. Yangco, also delivered a message emphasizing the administration’s proactive solutions to the current and identified future challenges the university faces, including national budget cuts and enrollment trends.
Some of the performance and management review highlights include the 2023 Performance-based Bonus (PBB) guidelines, identification of internal and external issues, SWOT Analysis, the status of accomplishment of General Appropriations Act (GAA) targets for the calendar year 2023, QMSC reports, evaluation of the performance of external providers, and adequacy of resources.
The performance and management review ends tomorrow, September 9.
by: JEOE