Citizen’s Charter Manual 2021Open
Citizen’s Charter ManualOpen
Certificate of Compliance 2021Open
Certificate of ComplianceOpen
Certificate of Compliance 2019Open
Certificate of Compliance 2018Open

Office of the Vice President for Research and Extension Services

ECSC-Citizen’s CharterOpen
GSDC-Citizen’s CharterOpen
IPMC-Citizen’s Charter 2022 Open
OVPRES-Citizen’s Charter Open
RD-Citizen’s Charter Open

Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs

VPAA-Citizen’s Charter 2021 Open

Office of the Vice President for Finance Administration

AdSC- Citizen’s Charter 2022Open
FSC-Citizen’s Charter 2022Open
HRDC-Citizen’s Charter 2022Open
MIC-Citizen’s Charter 2022Open

Office of the Vice President for Student Services

ULRC- Citizen’s Charter 2021Open
AuxSC-Citizen’s CharterOpen
SRAC-Citizen’s CharterOpen
CSA-Citizen’s CharterOpen
GCSC-Citizen’s CharterOpen
MDSC-Citizen’s Charter 2021Open
SGO-Citizen’s CharterOpen