RTUians Won Best Abstract Award on the ICEPD-Thailand’s 2nd International Research Conference

May 17, 2024– A student research entitled Capacity Planning: Headcount Analysis for Inpatient Medical Records in National Center for Mental Health won the Best Abstract Award on Track 10  Engineering- Professions and Applied Sciences Category at the 2nd International Research Conference on Diversified and Multidisciplinary Education for Graduating College Students held via Zoom and hosted by the International Cross-Cultural Exchange and Professional Development- Thailand. 

The RTUians who won the Best Abstract Award hail from Industrial Engineering and Technology namely Jeramie N. Beratio, Rolando B. Cadenas Jr., Catherine De los Santos, Aaron Joacquine Y Golo, Harley B. Papa, Andrea Faye F. Reyes, Arlene A. Rodriguez, with their ever-supportive adviser, Dr. Helen L. Mendoza, Department Chairperson of IET.

The main theme of the said conference is uplifting digital technologies in increasing the research capability of students from various disciplines. The said program aims to strengthen and uplift the eagerness and initiatives of the graduating students to present and extend their research, not only in a local setting but also in an international setting. Moreover, it aimed at communicating their findings and recommendations to their co-students locally and internationally, and lastly, to understand the goodness of presenting their research to further help and support the needs of society, people, and technology.