RTUian Secures Top 10 in the April 2024 Certified Civil Engineer Licensure Examination

We are thrilled to announce that Engr. Sonnie Boy Balictar has achieved remarkable success in the April 2024 Certified Civil Engineer Licensure Examination, Top 10 among 17,010 exam-takers, with an outstanding score of 91.85%.

Moreover, we are immensely proud to share that Rizal Technological University has demonstrated exceptional performance in this examination. Among first-time takers, our university achieved a remarkable 71.70% passing rate, surpassing the national passing rate of 39.27%. Even among repeaters, our students excelled with a passing rate of 46.81%, showcasing their determination and commitment to success. Overall, our university achieved an impressive 60% performance.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Engr. Balictar and all the successful examinees, as well as the College of Engineering (CEng) headed by Dean, Dr. Corleto R. Bravo, Civil Engineering Department Head, Engr. Aleli N. Rey, and the whole Civil Engineering Faculty. Your hard work, perseverance, and dedication have paid off, and we wish you continued success!