RTU Forges Stronger Ties with Kun Shan University Taiwan

On January 24, 2024, Kun Shan University (KSU) and Rizal Technological University (RTU) formalized their partnership through a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signing ceremony held at the International Conference Hall, KSU Library, and Information Center Taiwan.

Organized by the Office of International and Cross-Strait Affairs of KSU, the ceremony welcomed RTU officials, including Dr. Ma. Eugenia M. Yangco, RTU President; Instr. Donato Estocada, Director of International Affairs and Linkages Office; and Dr. Odilon Yangco, Head of Mechatronics Department.

KSU President Dr. Tien-Shang Lee set the tone with his opening remarks, emphasizing their university’s full support for the collaboration between the two esteemed institutions. Dr. Lee also highlighted the significance of international partnerships in fostering academic excellence and cultural understanding.

Following Dr. Lee’s remarks, President Yangco shared her aspirations for the collaborative endeavors that RTU envisioned with Kun Shan University. Dr. Yangco also expressed her appreciation for the unique opportunity for both institutions to articulate their commitment to mutual growth and knowledge exchange.

The MOU signing ceremony followed, symbolizing the formalization of the partnership between the two institutions and signifying a commitment to academic cooperation, student and faculty exchange programs, and collaborative research initiatives. The MOU laid the foundation for a long-lasting and fruitful relationship between KSU and RTU.

To mark the special occasion, there was an exchange of gifts between Dr. Lee and Dr. Yangco. The symbolic gesture not only strengthened the bond between the two university presidents but also emphasized the cultural exchange aspect of the collaboration.

The ceremony was a celebration of academic synergy and a step towards globalizing education. It was expected that the partnership would open new avenues for students and faculty, fostering a rich academic environment that transcended geographical boundaries.