RTU Finance Committee Convenes Last Quarter Hybrid Meeting

In a hybrid setting, Rizal Technological University’s Finance Committee convened its last quarter meeting on December 15, 2023. The meeting, held at the OP Conference Room and through Zoom Video Conferencing, drew key figures in the university’s leadership, including Dr. Ma. Eugenia M. Yangco, University President; Dr. Rodolfo L. Ducut, Vice President for Finance and Administration; and Atty. Juan Jaime D. Nolasco, University Board Secretary, among others.

The committee engaged in extensive discussions regarding the proposed organizational restructuring aligned with NBC No. 589 dated May 25, 2022, aiming to enhance efficiency and adaptability within the university. The committee also discussed the replacement of memorabilia items for service awardees, highlighting the university’s commitment to recognizing and appreciating the dedication of its faculty and staff.

The committee also addressed proposals for revised rental rates and other charges for university facilities, emphasizing the importance of balancing affordability and sustainability. Members considered the introduction of new general services fees, ensuring an equitable distribution of costs and resources across the university community.

The committee then confirmed a range of PRAISE incentives and educational assistance programs. Incentives outlined in the Collective Negotiation Agreement for the fiscal year 2023 were reviewed and confirmed, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a collaborative and mutually beneficial working environment.

Moreover, the committee discussed and confirmed procurement projects slated for bidding in the third and fourth quarters of 2023. The meeting concluded with an overview of the indicative annual procurement plan for FY 2024 and the international engagement program for faculty and students.