RTU DRRMO Hosts Basic Skills Training

In a concerted effort to enhance disaster response capabilities, the Rizal Technological University Disaster Risk Reduction Management Office, headed by Instr. Emmanuel L. Taruc, organized the “Basic Skills for Responders Course” in collaboration with the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) – Mandaluyong City. The physical seminar and training event took place on December 2, 2023, at the campus’s Blue Room, R & D Building. 

The program featured a comprehensive agenda aimed at equipping responders with essential skills. The event commenced with a doxology, followed by the playing the national anthem and the RTU March. Instr. Taruc delivered the opening remarks, setting the tone for a day of insightful learning and practical training. Instr. John Arvie Casas, Division Head of Plans and Operations Trainers, then provided an overview of the program and introduced the esteemed trainers. 

SFO2 Christopher Lazaga Cagol from BFP-Mauway Fire Sub-Station, Mandaluyong City, led the training session. The trainers covered various critical topics, including Concepts of Fire, Firefighting Tools and Equipment, Fire Operation, and Firefighting Strategies. 

The training continued, focusing on practical demonstrations and evaluations. Responders had the chance to apply their newfound knowledge in realistic scenarios, allowing for hands-on experience and skill refinement. 

The university expressed gratitude to the Bureau of Fire Protection and all participants for their commitment to building a more resilient and prepared community. 

The Basic Skills for Responders Course is crucial to ensuring that local responders are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to handle emergencies effectively. This collaborative effort between the RTU DRRMO and BFP exemplifies local authorities’ commitment to prioritizing the community’s safety and well-being. As responders continue to enhance their capabilities, the entire city benefits from a strengthened and more resilient disaster response system.