RTU Delegates Enrich Cultural Awareness: ISU Taiwan Immersion Program

January 24, Kaohsiung, Taiwan – In a bid to foster cultural understanding, the delegation of Rizal Technological University (RTU) engaged in a transformative immersion program at I-Shou University (ISU) in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

RTU faculty members embraced the morning tranquility with an immersive Tai Chi class by the distinguished Prof. Li Jiongda. The session not only delved into the physical aspects of this ancient martial art but also emphasized its profound impact on mental well-being. Faculty members representing diverse academic disciplines actively participated, immersing themselves in the rich line of Taiwan’s cultural heritage.

Afterwards, the educators indulged in a sophisticated Tea Appreciation class guided by Prof. Yen-chi Fan. Beyond the intricacies of tea preparation, the session provided a sensory journey, allowing participants to discern the nuances of Taiwan’s renowned teas. The cultural exchange extended beyond academia as the educators experienced the ritual of tea appreciation.

While faculty members explored the traditional facets of Taiwanese culture, RTU students boarded on hands-on experiences showcasing the country’s artistic legacy. The students embraced ‘The Art of Paper Umbrella,’ intricately understanding the craftsmanship involved in creating these iconic pieces. Guided by a skilled artisan, students not only honed practical skills but also gained an appreciation for the cultural significance embedded in each delicate umbrella.

Concurrently, the RTU students delved into the world of Paper-cutting known as ‘Jian Zhi,’ a traditional Chinese art form with profound cultural roots. Under expert guidance, the students meticulously crafted intricate designs, unraveling the stories and symbolism woven into each piece. The workshop offered a window into the centuries-old paper-cutting tradition, unveiling the fusion of artistic expression and cultural narrative.

The diverse experiences, ranging from the serene discipline of Tai Chi to the intricate artistry of paper crafts, leave an indelible mark on the participants, fostering a deep appreciation for the global embroidery of cultures.