RTU Commemorates Lenten Season through Station of the Cross

March 25, 2024, the Rizal Technological University (RTU) community unified in a reflective observance of the Lenten Season through a meaningful Station of the Cross—a symbolic journey portraying Jesus Christ’s final hours before his crucifixion and resurrection. This endeavor is a joint effort of the Programs and Events Management Office (PEMO), under the guidance of Engr. Joan Pagilagan and the Cultural Affairs Unit (CAU), led by Asst. Prof. Julian Santos.

The Station of the Cross, a tradition in the Catholic faith, comprises fourteen distinct stations, each representing pivotal moments from the Last Supper to Jesus’ triumphant rise from death. Participants, including university officials, administrators, RTU Himig Rizalia employees, and staff from various departments, engaged in this spiritual exercise, contemplating the significance of Jesus’ sacrifice.

The Stations of the Cross serve as a reminder of Jesus’ love and selflessness, as well as his ultimate sacrifice for humanity’s redemption. Through prayers, reflections, and rituals, participants immersed themselves in the narrative of Jesus’ journey to Calvary, fostering a deeper connection to their faith and a renewed sense of spiritual introspection.

Post Note from the Writer: May our reflections during this time of solemn observance lead us closer to Christ, enriching our spiritual lives and reinforcing our commitment to compassion, forgiveness, and love.