RTU Commemorates International Women’s Month: March 2024 Flag-Raising Rites

The Rizal Technological University (RTU) held its monthly flag-raising ceremony on March 11, 2024, at the RTU Main Quadrangle. The event was hosted by the Gender Studies and Development Office (GSDO), headed by Intr. Shereen Cadilena, and in collaboration with the Cultural Affairs Unit (CAU), Management Information System Office (MISO), Human Resource Management Office (HRMO), and the Programs and Events Management Office (PEMO). The ceremony took on special significance as it marked the celebration of International Women’s Month.

This year’s theme, “Women & Everyone! Women Empowerment! WE are all for an Inclusive Society,” with a sub-theme focusing on “Lipunang Patas sa Bagong Pilipinas: Kakayahan ng Kababaihan, Patutunayan,” echoed throughout the event.

Dr. Ma. Eugenia M. Yangco, the university president, delivered an inspiring address, emphasizing the importance of celebrating the strength of women, not to assert superiority but to strive for equality with men. Her words resonated as a moving reminder of the ongoing struggle for gender parity.

Instr. Shereen Cadilena, director of the GSDO, further reinforced this message in her speech, highlighting the broader goal of fostering a society where everyone, regardless of gender, can flourish and collaborate harmoniously.

The flag-raising event served as a platform to inspire and ignite conversations about gender equality, encouraging all members of the RTU community to actively participate in creating a society that values and respects the abilities of every individual.

The ceremony concluded with a sense of empowerment, leaving a lasting impression on all participants and setting the tone for continued efforts to champion gender equality in the institution.