RTU collabs with PNP Mandaluyong for a Bomb Threat Seminar and Simulation

In a joint effort to enhance campus safety and preparedness, Rizal Technological University (RTU) collaborated with the Philippine National Police (PNP) Mandaluyong Bomb Squad for a Bomb Threat Seminar and Simulation. The event, organized by RTU’s Administrative Services Office (ASO), General Services Office (GSO), and Civil Security Unit (CSU), aimed to educate faculty, staff, and students on proper protocols and responses in the event of a bomb threat.

Under the leadership of Dr. Ma. Isabel Dizon, head of ASO, Instr. Emmanuel Taruc, Director of GSO, and Instr. Karlo Catindig, Head of CSU, the hybrid seminar engaged the RTU community with lectures from esteemed PNP officials mixed with a full face-to-face simulation exercise providing participants with a forest-hand view in managing potential bomb threats.

Instr. Emmanuel Taruc, GSO Director, delivered an encouraging opening remarks emphasizing the significance of the event. Dr. Ma. Eugenia M. Yangco, RTU president, echoed this sentiment in her message of support, expressing heartfelt gratitude to the PNP Mandaluyong for their consistent assistance to the university. Dr. Yangco stressed the importance of taking bomb threats seriously and highlighted the necessity of coordinating with the proper authorities, particularly the PNP.

Police Master Sergeant Jennifer Balanay and Police Executive Master Sergeant Joemarie Alcazaren from the PNP delivered an informative lecture, outlining essential steps for community members to take and proper responses during bomb threat situations. Their expertise and insights provided valuable guidance to attendees, equipping them with the knowledge and skills necessary to mitigate potential risks effectively.

The event concluded with a simulation of the actual and proper handling of a bomb threat situation engaging the entire RTU community.

The collaboration between RTU and PNP Mandaluyong demonstrates a proactive approach to campus safety and security. By fostering awareness, imparting essential skills, and fostering partnerships with law enforcement agencies, RTU reaffirms its commitment to creating a secure environment for the university community.