RTU CBEA Faculty Members Conduct an Extension Program on Individual Income Taxation

In an effort to empower micro-business owners with crucial knowledge on individual income taxation, faculty members from Rizal Technological University’s (RTU) College of Business, Entrepreneurship, and Accountancy (CBEA) collaborated with the Mandaluyong Negosyo Center and the Cooperative Union of Mandaluyong City (CUMC), for an extension program titled “Individual Income Taxation Seminar: A Guide for Micro Business Enterprises,” held on April 5, 2024.

The community seminar aimed to equip participants with practical insights into computing income taxes for professionals, self-employed individuals, and mixed-income earners. The event featured face-to-face lectures coupled with interactive discussions, ensuring engagement and comprehension among attendees.

Led by esteemed CBEA faculty members, including Dr. Jewelyn E. Ciocon, Dr. Nelson R. Garcia, Prof. Felicitas C. Tuazon, Prof. Agnes D. Hernandez, Instr. Ma. Belen R. Gunda, and Instr. Rhia Liza Villanueva, the seminar covered various aspects of individual income taxation. Attendees had the opportunity to delve into the intricacies of tax computation and explore BIR forms, with step-by-step guidance provided on filling in the necessary information accurately.

The seminar’s format encouraged active participation, with open forums following each discussion allowing participants to seek clarifications and ask pertinent questions.

The collaboration between RTU CBEA and the Mandaluyong Negosyo Center underscores a shared commitment to supporting local businesses and fostering economic resilience within the city. By providing accessible and relevant education on taxation, stakeholders aim to promote compliance, transparency, and financial literacy among micro-business owners.

For future updates and similar initiatives, interested parties are encouraged to stay tuned to announcements from RTU CBEA and the Mandaluyong Negosyo Center.