RTU Bolsters Preparedness: March ‘24  National Simultaneous Earthquake Drill

Rizal Technological University (RTU) showed its dedication to safety and preparedness, not only within the confines of academics but also in real-world scenarios. On March 26, 2024, the University participated in the National Simultaneous Earthquake Drill (NSED), facilitated by the RTU Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office (DRRMO), Administrative Services Office (ASO), and Civil Security Office (CSO). The drill commenced within the confines of the RTU Quadrangle with active participation from RTU employees.

Instr. John Arvie V. Casas, Director of DRRMO, emphasized the importance of preparedness in safeguarding lives. He stressed the necessity for the community to treat each drill seriously, as it greatly contributes to readiness in the face of unfortunate circumstances.

The NSED served as a pivotal platform for the RTU community to familiarize themselves with earthquake response protocols, emergency evacuation procedures, and coordination mechanisms. Given the Philippines’ location in a seismically active region, such preparedness drills are imperative for mitigating potential risks and minimizing the impact of natural disasters.

The successful participation of RTU employees in the National Simultaneous Earthquake Drill shows the University’s unwavering commitment to safety and disaster preparedness. By actively engaging in such initiatives, RTU not only enhances its resilience against natural calamities but also cultivates a culture of vigilance and preparedness among its stakeholders. Moving forward, the University remains steadfast in its dedication to equipping its community with the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively respond to unforeseen challenges, ensuring a safer and more resilient future for all.

After the drill, DRRMO proceeded with the university-wide fogging and fumigation facilitated by the City Health Office.