May 3–9, 2024, Saigon, Vietnam. The week-long immersion program that the RTU Administrative Personnel undertook at Saigon Business School (SBS) in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, left lasting memories that indelibly became part of their growth as civil service providers. Impressions that added to the fairly limited knowledge of how our Asian neighbor’s best practices in terms of business, education, historical legacy preservation, environmental conservation, and international cooperation influence their way of life— socially and economically,  became a pivotal part of the entourage’s professional development.

SBS had been instrumental in the learnings the entire delegation had gained and benchmarked on practices that can be emulated and adapted at home while visiting and engaging in a very immersive city tour of schools, businesses, and historical landmarks.

The city tour brought the group to places where commerce is at its prime mode—during the mid-morning hubbub, merchants sell their wares to foreigners who fancy their lot to bring home as a souvenir, haggling no end to get a better price or get a discount of a thousand Vietnamese Dong for a cap or two.

The program culminated with a very simple graduation rite prepared by the SBS Team that ensued after the group presented their impressions of the best practices observed during the entire duration of the program.

Two members of the delegation, Mr. Paolo M. Gaspar and Mr. Joseph Matthew M. Aldeguer II capsulized and presented with much fervor the group’s observation of the best practices and highlighted the business sectors’ 1) showcase of exemplary practices in employee relations and benefits; 2) provision of extensive professional development opportunities like mentorship programs and regular feedback sessions ensuring employees’ satisfaction and retention; 3) promotion of work-life balance; 4) adaptability to stay relevant and competitive by being open to new ideas, and embracing innovations; 5) constantly evolving to the changing needs of clients and customers whether adjusting product offerings, refining marketing strategies, and adopting new technologies; 6) agility and responsive to the market needs and consumers’ preferences; 7) embracing technology to streamline operations and improve productivity enriching customers’ satisfaction effectively.

Additionally, schools like the Ho Chi Minh City University of Education, American Polytechnic College, Ton Duc Thang University, and Saigon Business School had exhibited awe-inspiring state-of-the-art facilities with success-driven practices that the group commended: 1) setting high standard well-equipped laboratories, spacious libraries with voluminous collections of books and references, spacious classrooms, and cozy student lounges; 2) providing excellent support in terms of prioritizing the well-being and success of the student body local and international; 3) projecting exceptional and innovative approach to fostering entrepreneurship mindset among students; 4) hands-on projects, mentorship with industry experts, and immersive learning experiences; 5) cultivating the skills and mindsets of students necessary for entrepreneurial success; 6) lead institutions in business education, recruitment strategies, and strong branding initiatives.

After the presentation, certificates of participation were distributed to each of the members of the delegation brimming to the hilt with smiles of satisfaction knowing that the very premise of the trip and the entire study program had been met with even further-reaching expectations.  

Both, SBS Managing Director, Prof. Hoang Van Cuong, and RTU’s Chief Executive Assistant, Assoc. Prof. Mary Anne S. Rubio exchanged words of appreciation and gratitude for a very fruitful engagement and seamless execution of the agreement that RTU and SBS had set forth to mutually enrich each other’s educational landscape that transcended cultural and geographical boundaries. 

Finally, posed for memorable photos of this record-breaking and first-ever opportunity for overseas travel and learning journey for the RTU Administrative Personnel, followed by a very sumptuous refreshment and festive socialization with the SBS team and student interns.

Kudos to SBS for a very well-designed cultural exchange program! Cám ơn!