Rizal Technological University (RTU) Extension and Community Services Office (ECSO) hosted the 2024 In-House Review

Rizal Technological University (RTU) Extension and Community Services Office (ECSO) hosted the 2024 In-House Review, themed “HIGH-IMPACT through Extension Services: Harmonizing Innovative Growth Horizons, Implementing Practical Approaches for Community Transformation,” on April 22 and 23, 2024, at the Blueroom, 3rd Floor of the R&D Building, RTU Main Campus. This two-day event aimed to assess new extension program proposals and ongoing extension initiatives, ensuring their alignment with the university’s extension agenda, responsiveness to evolving community needs, and potential for positive, lasting change.

Notably, the event was graced by 260 participants from various colleges and departments of the University. Led by Dr. Magno M. Quendangan, Vice President for Research, Innovation, and Extension Services (VPRIES) as Chairman, and Instr. Ricardo H. Momongan, Jr., Director of the Extension and Community Services Office (ECSO), as Co-Chairman, the panel of evaluators meticulously scrutinized proposed extension programs. Distinguished members, including CAOF. Rowell M. Marasigan, CPA, Director, Financial Management Services Office, College Deans, and Institute Directors collaborated to assess program viability and alignment. The rigorous evaluation process sought to identify strengths, weaknesses, and avenues for improvement, focusing on the program’s potential impact on sustainable community development.

The 2024 In-House Review culminated in the acknowledgment of the Panel of Evaluators for their invaluable contributions to the review process. Instr. Momongan Jr. delivered the closing remarks, underscoring the imperative of continually enhancing extension programs to maximize their effectiveness in fostering community transformation.

The event’s success reflects the university’s commitment to innovative growth horizons and practical approaches for sustainable community development through extension services, heralding a promising future of impactful initiatives and meaningful change.