Rizal Technological University Forged Partnership with I-Shou University in Taiwan

A team from Rizal Technological University (RTU) recently visited I-Shou University in Taiwan to strengthen their collaboration and establish a partnership. The primary focus of this partnership is to facilitate international student mobility programs between the two universities. The collaboration is supported by the ASE Group, a leading organization in the region.

By forging this partnership, RTU aims to provide its students with enhanced opportunities to participate in academic and cultural exchanges at I-Shou University. The collaboration will promote the exchange of knowledge, experiences, and perspectives between students from both institutions, fostering a global learning environment.

This partnership will also enable students to gain exposure to the international industry through the support of the ASE Group. Students will have the chance to engage in internships, research projects, and other collaborative activities that align with their academic pursuits and career goals.
Specifically, I-Shou University offers scholarship programs for the engineering students of RTU with ASE to sponsor the scholarship during the first year, I-Shou University for the 2nd and 3rd year and ASE Group for the internship program during the 4th year with a substantial allowance to cover the cost of living and an employment directly to ASE after graduation.

I Shou is set to conduct an orientation program to the RTU senior high school students who wish to pursue engineering degree in college in August of this year

In photos are ( from left to right)Dr. Chun-I Chen, Dean, Office of Academic Affairs, I-Shou University (ISU),Dr. Chia Kun (Arthur) Lee, Dean, Office of International & Cross-Strait Affairs (OICA) , I-Shou University (ISU),Dr. Wenshen Huang, Vice Dean, Office of International & Cross-Strait Affairs (OICA) & Director, Chinese Language Center (CLC) , I-Shou University (ISU)

In photos are : Dr. Marc FG. Garvida, Engr. Odilon Yangco, Dr. Chia Kun (Arthur) Lee, Dean, Office of International & Cross-Strait Affairs (OICA) , I-Shou University (ISU), Engr. Carisa Javier, Mr. Richmond Huang, Manager, HR Operation Service Recruitment and Selection Department, ASE Group, Engr. Rick Nasuli, and Mr. Donato Z. Estocada

Dr. Marc DG. Garvida and Dr. Julia Lin- Senior Vice President , I- Shou University during the MOU Signing