Project I-SEARCH: Inspire Breakthroughs through Innovations & Solutions Recognizes Achievement in Educational Research

Project I-SEARCH, a collaborative initiative between the Rizal Technological University-College of Education and Ilaya Barangka Integrated School (IBIS), held its culminating event on February 16, 2024, at the 10th Floor SNAGAH HALL. This program, aimed at fostering innovation and solutions in education, focused on the 2024 Awarding and SLAC Session.

The event commenced with welcoming remarks from Instr. Ricardo H. Momongan Jr., the Director of the Extension and Community Services Office, and Mrs. Ellalyn A. Abutal, Principal of IBIS. Their warm words set the tone for an insightful and productive gathering. Dr. Magno M. Quendangan, the Vice President for Research, Innovation, and Extension Services, further emphasized the significance of collaborative efforts in educational development, followed by messages of support from Ms. Joselin S. Balane, Public School District Supervisor, and Mr. Christian Marx P. Rivero, Senior Education Program Specialist for Planning and Research.

Mr. Franklin D. Garvida presented the Project I-SEARCH Accomplishment Report, highlighting the impactful outcomes and contributions of the program toward educational research and development. The event proceeded with an Awarding Ceremony, recognizing individuals who completed their action research projects, a testament to their dedication and commitment to advancing educational practices.

Following the awarding segment, participants engaged in a SLAC Session, designed to enhance their research skills and align their proposals with school priorities. Instr. Samuel Balbin led the Introduction to Action Research session, providing participants with valuable insights into the research process. This was followed by a workshop facilitated by Asst. Prof. Marika Aniag on Drafting the Research Intent Form (RIF), offering practical guidance to participants in formulating research proposals that address pertinent educational challenges.

Project I-SEARCH continues to catalyze innovation and excellence in education, fostering collaborative efforts between academic institutions and schools to drive meaningful change. Through initiatives like these, the education sector can harness the power of research and innovation to address emerging challenges and inspire breakthroughs in teaching and learning.