Privacy Policy for Students

The Rizal Technological University, a state university with campuses in Mandaluyong, and Pasig supports and values its students' right to data privacy. As a result, the university has a responsibility to make sure that student personal information is processed, protected, and secured by the general
data privacy principles of NPC as well as any applicable policies and procedures.

The university hereby adopts this Privacy Policy for Students in line with R.A. No. 10173 “Data Privacy Act of 2012,” its Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR), and National Privacy Commission (NPC) promulgated issuances and policies.

Privacy Policy for Students has a reciprocal utilization of "data" and "information.” The concept of “personal data” included information about personal data, sensitive personal data, and protected data. Usually, people utilize personal data and sensitive personal information to uniquely recognize a person. Students should also be aware that while we utilize examples to clearly and succinctly explain this Policy, it does not provide an inclusive record of the process data.

What Data Do We Collect from You?
RTU can collect or acquire the data such as documents, digital files, videos, photographs, and biometric records. Examples are listed below:

a. In admission, we will collect a range of information about you when you apply to our school, including (1) your full name, contact details such as emails, telephone or cellphone number, etc.; (2) information about your family condition or framework and other details relevant to it; (3) information about your former learning institution; (4) information about your academic performance; (5) information about your disciplinary history; and (6) information
about your health.

b. During your time with us and beyond enrollment, RTU may collect more information or produce information about you including (1) your curricular or academic endeavors, such as the courses you register, your grades, your attendance history, etc.; (2) non-academic activities you may participate in, such as outreach activities, experiential learning, compliance with practicum or internship requirements; and (3) extracurricular activities, like participation in leadership positions, school clubs, or other similar activities. On rare occasions, we might also get other kinds of data from external sources, like photos or videos of the activities you participate in.

c. Unauthorized information. Personal information might occasionally be transferred or received by us without our previous request. We will assess whether it is legal for us to keep such information under the given circumstances. If the information is unrelated to any of our legitimate business interests, we will immediately dispose of it while maintaining your privacy. If not, it will be treated similarly to how we handle the information you provide.

What Do We Do with Your Data?
RTU may use the student’s personal information to further the legitimate interests of a university from the scope of authorization by law, including the administrative, data gathering, academic, statistical, and historical aims. For instance, RTU could utilize your data to:

1. Evaluate the applications for admission to the Rizal Technological University (RTU).
2. Prepare for enrollment, verification is processed for new, transfer, cross-registered, or non-degree students.
3. Keep track of students' academic, co-curricular, and extracurricular progress and produce and preserve such records.
4. Record, archive, and grade student work, such as essays, presentations, theses, term papers, projects, dissertations, research papers, and seatwork activities.
5. Create and keep up with the current student information systems.
6. Keep track of, establish, and manage the records of academic marks, class schedules, academic history, attendance, and taking part in an enrichment program, extracurricular, and academic works/projects via electronic or printed document.
7. Share of grades between faculty members and those with an official need of requirements, as well as evaluations of student performance for academic purposes.
8. Process requests for allowances, scholarship grants, summary reports to donors, and financial aid and services.
9. Examine occurrences involving student behavior and apply corrective action.
10. Keep alumni records and current directories.
11. Create reports and compile data for statistics and research objectives.
12. Offer services like transportation, parking, campus mobility, guidance counseling, insurance, health, libraries, information technology, sports and recreation, and safety and security protocols.
13. Regulate and restrict access to campus equipment and amenities.
14. Communicate announcements made by the school.
15. Market and promote materials for activities, projects, and events relating to the university.
16. Invite you to take part in studies and non-profit polls that the RTU has approved.
17. Seek your financial and other support for RTU projects, programs, and occasions.
18. Share your information with people or organizations, as well as other necessary legal and regulatory requirements, such as orders, statements, or commitments made by RTU to any relevant authority, regulatory body, enforcement organization, court, or quasi-judicial body.

We observe that processing your data for these purposes is necessary to carry out our contractual obligations to you, to satisfy legal requirements, to safeguard your vital interests, such as your life and health, to perform tasks that are in the public interest (like maintaining public order and safety), and to further the legitimate and official concerns of our university or another party, or to do all of the above. We are fully committed to abiding by the DPA’s more stringent rules for handling confidential information and delicate personal data.

If we require your permission to use your personal information for a particular reason, we will ask for it.
Please be aware that without your permission, the university will never use your data to an automatic agreement, process or procedure.

How Your Information is Shared, Disclosed, or Transferred?
Unless the law and our rules permit it, RTU normally does not disclose student information to third parties without their consent. By the legislation, RTU must provide student personal data to governmental bodies like DepEd and CHED. In the following situations, RTU is compelled by law to disclose and/or handle information:

1. By a legal requirement;
2. To secure students' very essential interests;
3. To carry out official tasks such as reacting to a national emergency, upholding the needs of public order and safety, or performing official tasks that need the processing of personal data to do their tasks;
4. To advance RTUs or the person to whom the information has been provided lawful educational interests; 

For sensitive information, RTU is required to disclose and/or process said information under the following circumstances:
1. Where existing law and regulations mandate RTU;
2. Where the student cannot express his or her agreement before the disclosure or processing
because it would jeopardize the student's life or the life and health of another person;
3. If required to receive medical treatment; and
4. When it is requisite for the creation, and justification of legal claims, to defend the people's
legal rights in court, or when it is provided to the government or other public authorities.

How Do We Keep Your Information?
RTU is ensuring the security in keeping and transferring personal information using electronic or physical copies including databases that are among the RTU’s departments or offices, and university employees only who need your personal information can access it to fulfill their contractual obligations. You may trust that we won't utilize the data unreasonably.

To serve the aim(s) that it was obtained and to comply with legal requirements, RTU stores the student’s data with duration. After we end our contract with you or after you graduate, your permission to such aim(s) is still valid.

These private and delicate details are only accessible by authorized RTU staff, and communication between them must take place via email and physical copy.

Unless specified otherwise by law or by the relevant learning institutions’ rules, RTU shall keep pertinent student data for archival and statistical purposes. All records affected by a retention period that is mandated by a government act or a learning institution’s policy will be safely disposed of.

Student’s Rights
Rizal Technological University acknowledges the student rights under the DPA concerning personal data.

A written response shall be provided in a reasonable amount of time to all requests for access to or correction of Personal Information. Before granting access or making any modifications, we shall first carry out this process' identification verification of the person making the request. RTU has the right to charge a fair price for any copies.

You may contact the University Data Protection Center (UDPC) anytime you want to practice the rights if you have concerns or questions that affect data privacy and RTU at:
a. Via post: University Data Protection Center
b. 3 rd Floor, Profeta Bldg., RTU Boni Ave., Mandaluyong City
c. Through the following landline: 8534-8267 local 1608
d. Through email:

Changing This Policy
On occasion, we might update this Policy. When that happens, we'll notify you via our website and, if allowed, through other channels of contact. Any alteration is valid as soon as it is posted on the website.

Your data must be truthful, accurate, and current for RTU, and you are jointly responsible for this. The accuracy of your personal information must be maintained by the university. Any changes to your personal information should be reported to the appropriate agency.

Other University Policies
Other RTU policies that are not in dispute with this policy or regulations will resume being in effect. The remaining portions of the Policy will still be legitimate and in full force and effect.

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