Privacy Policy for Employees

The Rizal Technological University, a State University located in Boni Avenue, City of Mandaluyong and Pasig respects and values the data privacy rights of its employees. As such, the university is duty-bound to guarantee that employees’ data is processed, and secured under the general principles of the National Privacy Commission: Transparency, Legitimate Purpose, and Proportionality and in adherence to relevant rules and procedures.

In line with to Data Privacy Act of 2012 (R.A. No. 10173), its Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR), and National Privacy Commission (NPC) promulgated issuances and policies, the university hereby adopts this Privacy Policy for Employees.

In this Privacy Policy for Employees, we used the term “data” and “information” conversely. Personal data contains the employee’s personal information and sensitive information. These two apply to knowing and assessing or evaluating the employee. Additionally, we inform you that while we use examples to describe the Policy in straightforward terms, it does not include all the data that we record.

Gathering of Employee’s Data
RTU will gather the employee’s data including documents, digital files: photographs or videos, and biometric records. Below are examples of data that RTU will collect in the processing of the applications.

During Job Application – When seeking employment with RTU for a definite position or role, the assigned staff will request your details via Personal Data Sheet (PDS). As an applicant, you furnish some of the requirements such as Resume, Transcript of Records, and Professional License (if any). We collect additional information during preliminary screening, including those generated during your interview. RTU gathers (1) full name, email, and contact details; (2) information about your family framework, learning institution attended, academic marks, and your health; and (3) information gathered in an interview, evaluation, and/or written assessment.

Upon Starting Your Employment Offer – When you accept our employment offer, RTU needs to gather more information, such as the requirements listed in the RTU-VPFA-HRD-F-011 form, which is available on the RTU website. There may also be occasions when we collect additional types of
information, such as photographs or films of the events in which you take part, official records of those events, or recordings made by closed-circuit security cameras installed inside a school.

Unsolicited Information. There may be situations when we receive or send personal information without asking for it first. We shall evaluate whether we may lawfully retain such information in such circumstances. We will promptly get rid of the data if it has nothing to do with any of our legitimate
objectives, that safeguards your privacy. Otherwise, it will be handled the same way we treat the information you give us.

Ways of Utilizing the Information
To further the legitimate objectives of RTU as a university by what the law requires, the employees’ data will be utilized for learning, management, data gathering, and factual and demographic purposes. For instance, RTU might use the information we gather to:

1. Determine whether job candidates are suitable for a certain role or position by analyzing their applications.
2. Process the verification of submitted information including Background Investigation Report (PEER), Background Investigation Waiver (PEER), and Pre-employment Checklist (STAR).
3. Produce and keep track of personnel records.
4. Record, archive, and review procedures connected to human resources, such as administering performance.
5. Enable the University Center for Human Resource Development and Management (UCHRDM) to get in touch with others when needed.
6. Create and maintain systems for tracking employee information.
7. Have access to private and sensitive information with those who have a valid official need for it to assess employee performance and make decisions about promotions.

8. Establish disciplinary procedures and conduct investigations into events involving employee behavior.
9. Compile and generate reports for statistical and research purposes.
10. Manage and control access to RTU Boni and Pasig campus facilities and equipment.
11. Communicate official university announcements.
12. Encourage you to take part in studies and non-profit polls that the RTU has endorsed.
13. Seek your financial and other support for RTU projects, programs, and events.
14. Communicate your relevant data with individuals or organizations, as well as other necessary legal and regulatory requirements, such as                                 orders, statements, or commitments made by RTU to any appropriate administration, agency, regulatory organization, or judiciary.

To fulfill the commitment of RTU to you, to comply with the requirement by law, to safeguard the official concerns such as employee’s life and safety, to accomplish the public needs (such as maintaining public peace and safety, etc.), and to further the legitimate interests of the RTU or another party, we deem the gathering procedure for the objectives essential. We are fully dedicated to adhering to the tougher regulations set forth by the DPA for the handling of privileged and sensitive personal information.

We will gather your data at the proper time if we need it for any specific uses for which we intend to utilize it.

Please be aware that without your permission, RTU will never utilize the employee’s data in an automatic agreement process.

Share, Disclose, or Transfer Information

RTU generally doesn’t disclose employee information to third parties without their consent except for the law and our rules permit it. RTU is required by law to share the personal information of its employees with governmental organizations, such as DepEd and CHED.

According to the law, RTU is required to release, produce, and/or process employee data in the following situations:
1. Submitting with a legal obligation.
2. Securing the significant interest of employees.
3. Dealing with a national emergency, upholding public safety and order needs, or carrying out public authority tasks that inevitably involve processing personal data to carry out their mandate
4. Furthering the legitimate educational concerns of RTU or the person to whom the information has been transmitted. 

About sensitive information, RTU is required to release, produce, and/or process employee data in the following situations:
1. As mandated by issued laws, policies, and regulations.
2. To safeguard the life and health of the employee or another person, and the employee is not legally or physically able to express his/her consent before disclosure/processing.
3. For purposes of medical treatment or emergency.
4. When necessary for the protection of lawful rights of persons in court proceedings, or the establishment, exercise, or defense of legal claims, or when provided to government or public authority.

How We Store and Retain Your Information
Your data is stored and transmitted securely in a variety of paper and electronic formats, including databases that are shared between RTU's different units or offices. Access to your data is limited to RTU personnel who has a legitimate interest in them to carry out their contractual duties. You may be confident that we won't use your data unreasonably.

RTU retains your personal information for as long as necessary to fulfill the purpose(s) for which it was collected and to comply with applicable laws. Your consent to such purpose(s) remains valid after any termination of our relationship with you or after graduation.

Only authorized RTU personnel has access to this personal and sensitive information, the exchange of which shall be facilitated through email and hard copy.

Unless specified otherwise by law or by the relevant University rules, we shall keep your pertinent personal data for as long as necessary for archival and statistical purposes. All records affected by a retention period that is mandated by law or a university policy will be safely disposed of after that period.

Your Rights Concerning Your Personal Data

We recognize your rights concerning your data, as provided by the DPA. All requests for access or correction to Personal Information will be responded to in writing within a reasonable time. As part of this process, we will verify the identity of the individual requesting the information before providing access or making any changes. RTU may impose a reasonable fee for any copies.

If you wish to exercise any of your rights, or should you have any concern or question regarding them, this Notice, or any matter involving the RTU and data privacy, you may contact the University Data Protection Center (UDPC) at:
    a. Via post: University Data Protection Center
    b. 3 rd Floor, Profeta Bldg., RTU Boni Ave., Mandaluyong City
    c. Through the following landline: 8534-8267 local 1608
    d. Through email:

Changing This Policy
We will notify you via our website and, if allowed, through other channels of communication. We may occasionally alter this Policy. Upon uploading on the website, any alteration takes effect right away.

RTU is required to maintain the accuracy of your personal information and you have a shared responsibility in ensuring your personal information is correct, accurate, and complete. Please notify the concerned office of any changes to your personal information.

Other University Policies
Other policies of the RTU, which are consistent with this one, will continue to apply. The validity of the other terms, which shall continue to be in full force and effect, will not be impacted if any provision of the Policy is deemed to be unlawful by any court with appropriate jurisdiction.

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