Pres. Yangco Engages in a Productive Dinner Meeting with ISU President, Dr. Guu

In a gesture of goodwill and commitment to academic collaboration, Dr. Ma. Eugenia M. Yangco, President of Rizal Technological University (RTU), engaged in a productive dinner meeting with Dr. Mike Guu, President of I-Shuo University (ISU). The meeting took place on January 24, 2024, at the EDA Royal Hotel in Taiwan.

The dinner provided an informal setting for the two university leaders to discuss and explore avenues for furthering the existing partnership between RTU and ISU. Dr. Yangco and Dr. Guu sight matters of mutual interest, reflecting their dedication to strengthening ties and fostering a more robust academic relationship.

The conversation revolved around potential areas of collaboration, including more student and faculty exchange and immersion programs and faculty development opportunities. Both presidents expressed enthusiasm about the prospect of expanding their partnership to enhance the academic experience for students and contribute to the advancement of knowledge.

As the dinner concluded, both university leaders expressed optimism about the future of the collaboration. They affirmed their commitment to formalizing concrete initiatives that would benefit students, faculty, and the overall academic landscape of both RTU and ISU.