JobFair 2024 Connects RTU Graduating Students with Career Opportunities

Rizal Technological University Main Campus – The Cooperative Education Office (CoEO) headed by its Director, Engr. Armando P. Matias, and the Student and Alumni Affairs Services Unit (SAASU), headed by Instr. Mariel A. Dela Trinidad, in collaboration with Jobs180, hold its annual JobFair 2024 today, June 10, 2024. The event took place at the SNAGAH Lobby, offering a vital platform for graduating students to explore job opportunities and connect with potential employers.

The event is spearheaded by Mr. Kim Chua, Managing Director of Jobs180 (RTU’s Industry Partner), who played a crucial role in bringing together various companies and organizations to participate in the fair. Key organizers included CoEO Heads and Coordinators as well as SAASU staffs. Their collaborative efforts ensured the smooth execution of the event and the active involvement of numerous stakeholders.

JobFair 2024 is part of the CoEO’s yearly program designed to support graduating students in their transition from academia to the professional world. By facilitating direct interactions between students and employers, the fair aims to provide students with valuable job opportunities and insights into their prospective career paths.

With a diverse array of companies from various industries present, students have the chance to network, submit resumes, and engage in preliminary interviews. The event not only addressed the immediate employment needs of the graduating class but also emphasized the importance of career preparedness and professional development.

JobFair 2024 exemplified the university’s commitment to enhancing the employability of its students and fostering meaningful connections between academia and industry. Through initiatives like this, RTU continues to empower its graduates, ensuring they are well-equipped to navigate the competitive job market and achieve their career aspirations.