ISO 21001:2018 Awareness Seminar Enlightens University Leaders on Higher Educational Standards

In a concerted effort to enhance the management systems of educational organizations, an awareness seminar on ISO 21001:2018, the Educational Organizations Management System, was held on February 7, 2024, at the SNAGAH Penthouse, Rizal Technological University (RTU). Organized by the Quality Assurance Office (QAO) under the leadership of Dr. Edna P. Conwi, the seminar aimed to provide valuable insights into the ISO 21001:2018 standard. The event attracted a distinguished audience, including mid to top-ranked officials of the university, eager to enhance the institutions’ systems.

Dr. Salvacion J. Pachejo, Vice President for Planning, Quality Assurance, and Strategic Initiatives (VPPQASI), opened the seminar with a warm welcome. Dr. Pachejo set the stage for the day’s discussions by emphasizing the importance of adopting globally recognized standards in educational management.

Dr. Ma. Eugenia M. Yangco, University President, delivered an inspirational message, underlining the significance of continuous improvement in educational institutions.

Ms. Margel Albano-Jajurie, Consultant from MAKRO VISION, took center stage to conduct the ISO 21001:2018 awareness training. Ms. Albano-Jajurie delved into the key aspects of the standard, providing practical insights on implementing an effective Educational Organizations Management System. Participants gained valuable knowledge on quality assurance, learner-centric approaches, and the overall improvement of educational processes.

Dr. Edna P. Conwi, Director of the Quality Assurance Office, concluded the seminar with closing remarks. She expressed her gratitude to the attendees, including the mid to top-ranked officials of the university, for their active engagement. She highlighted the importance of incorporating ISO 21001:2018 into the fabric of educational institutions to elevate the quality of education.