Institution’s PRAISE Committee Gathers to Strengthen Recognition and Incentive Program

In a proactive step towards reinforcing its commitment to recognizing employee contributions and promoting service excellence, the Committee on Program on Awards and Incentives for Service Excellence (PRAISE) convened on January 22, 2024. Chaired by Dr. Rodolfo L. Ducut, the Vice President for Finance and Administration (VPFA) and PRAISE Chairperson, the gathering took place at the RSP Conference Room, Dr. Lydia Profeta Building, Rizal Technological University. The meeting served as a platform for a holistic review of the existing PRAISE system, with discussions aimed at optimizing its effectiveness and aligning it with the overarching goals of the institution.

The agenda included a comprehensive evaluation of the PRAISE system, focusing on potential enhancements to better motivate and acknowledge outstanding employee contributions. Additionally, the committee delved into the mandatory requirements mandated by the Civil Service Commission, ensuring that the institution’s recognition initiatives adhere to established guidelines for a fair and transparent system.

Key attendees included Asst. Prof. Dynehgre P. Casasola, the co-chairperson and HRMO Director, along with various committee members representing diverse departments. Among them were CAOF Rowell C. Marasigan (FMSO), CAO Ma. Isabel D. Dizon (ASO), Assoc. Prof. Ella D. Aragon (PO Director), Instr. Carlie H. Momongan (PRIME HRM Unit Head), Dr. Jeremias F. Buraga (RTU AFCI President), Mr. Arnel G. Jaming (RTU ASAP President), and EPS Asst. Lorilyn V. Ello (ASAP Secretary). The secretarial duties were efficiently handled by Instr. Shentelle Lei R. Masalonga and Asst. Instr. John Carlo A. Consignado. Additionally, Instr. AJ Adriene C. Cisnero, a former PRAISE Committee Member, provided valuable insights as the resource person.

The PRAISE Committee Meeting stands as a pivotal moment for collaboration and action, underscoring the institution’s dedication to celebrating and encouraging service excellence among its workforce. The committee looks forward to the positive impact these enhancements will have on employee morale and overall institutional success.