Galyong Bughaw 2024: Ikatlong Layag – A Showcase of RTU’s Young Entrepreneurial Spirit

On May 9, 2024, the vibrant entrepreneurial spirit of Rizal Technological University (RTU) was on full display at Greenfield Central Park during “Galyong Bughaw 2024: Ikatlong Layag.” This annual event, organized by the RTU Young Entrepreneurs, featured a dynamic blend of business pitches and a bustling business fair. The event was a collaborative effort between RTU’s Technology Development, Transfer, and Commercialization Unit and the Economic Enterprise Development Unit, drawing considerable support and excitement from the community.

A Festival of Innovation and Commerce

The event saw participation from 33 young entrepreneurial businesses, all spearheaded by fourth-year students from RTU’s Department of Entrepreneurship at the Mandaluyong Campus. The attendees were treated to a diverse array of innovative products and services. The majority of the ventures—24 in total—were food businesses offering a tantalizing variety of cuisines and beverages. The remaining nine businesses provided non-food items, including cosmetics, clothing and apparel, customized collectibles, and various services, showcasing the wide-ranging talents of RTU’s students.

Sponsored Excitement and Community Engagement

Galyong Bughaw 2024 was made even more engaging through generous sponsorships from prominent brands like MB Kape, CMC, Linya’t Lente, RentalsPh, Sunnies Studios, and MJS Lights and Sounds. To add to the excitement, Sunnies Studios and MB Kape contributed products for raffles and giveaways, delighting the audience and encouraging greater participation.

Celebrating Excellence with the Umalohokan and Balangay Awards

Highlighting the event were the prestigious Umalohokan and Balangay Awards, recognizing the best presentations and business ventures respectively. Judged by a panel of esteemed guests, these awards celebrated the creativity and entrepreneurial acumen of the students. The panel included:

  • Instr. Donato Z. Estocada, Director of International Affairs and Linkages Office and Director of Technology Transfer and Business Development Center.
  • Assoc. Prof. Ryan Manuel Guido, Director of Research Development and Innovation Office.
  • Dr. Paulo Noel Mazo, Specialist from Technology Transfer and Business Development Center.
  • Mr. Ronald Barriga, Professor from National University Entrepreneur.
  • Ms. Mila Robles, Officer In-charge of Negosyo Center.
  • Mr. Christian Reyes Tarroza from the Philippine State College of Aeronautics.

All six winners of these coveted awards hailed from the food sector, underscoring the innovative culinary ideas nurtured at RTU. Notably, the grand prize in both categories went to Lutong Kabute Cuisine, an innovative venture pitched by Mr. Felix Andriel Magpantay III. Magpantay, who also served as the Project Head of the event, led his team at LKC Food Corner to success with their unique and delectable mushroom-based dishes.


The Impact and Future of Galyong Bughaw

Galyong Bughaw 2024 not only provided a platform for young entrepreneurs to showcase their talents but also fostered a spirit of innovation and collaboration within the RTU community. The event highlighted the importance of nurturing entrepreneurial skills and provided invaluable real-world experience to the participants. As the event concluded, it left behind a legacy of inspiration and a blueprint for future iterations, promising even greater achievements in the years to come. Through events like these, RTU continues to build a robust entrepreneurial ecosystem, preparing its students to become the business leaders and innovators of tomorrow.