Extension and Community Services Office’s BENCHMARKING ACTIVITY at PUP-EMO Sta. Mesa

On May 24, 2024, the RTU Extension and Community Services Office (ECSO) embarked on a benchmarking activity at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) Sta. Mesa, Manila Campus. This initiative aimed to enhance the performance of the ECSO through a comprehensive examination of PUP’s Extension Management Office (EMO) practices. 

The ECSO delegation comprised Instr. Ricardo H. Momongan, Jr., Director of ECSO and his team; Instr. Abigail P. Mendoza, Instr. John Paul G. Sison, Ms. Gemma J. Acer, together with Ms. Vanessa M. Aurelio, and Mr. Mark Anthony L. Gallego, representatives from the Financial Management Services Office. Assisting them were PUP-EMO Chiefs: Dr. Henry B. Prudente, Chief of the Extension and Community Linkages; Dr. Edcon B. Baccay, Chief of Extension Evaluation and Monitoring; and Asst. Prof. Airavie Joy DR. Austria, Chief of Community Relations and Outreach Services

The benchmarking activity commenced with an orientation and overview of PUP’s Extension and Community Services operations, setting the stage for a thorough examination. Presentations and discussions delved into PUP’s processes, systems, methodologies, and strategies. Interactive sessions allowed for the evaluation and analysis of our current processes and performance metrics. Through collaborative efforts, the delegations compared performance metrics, identifying gaps and areas for improvement. Subsequently, they engaged in strategic planning, formulating actionable strategies to address identified gaps and leverage best practices.

The ECSO Benchmarking Activity at PUP was a resounding success, providing a roadmap for enhancing the office’s performance. The collaboration and exchange of ideas between ECSO and PUP-EMO were instrumental in fostering learning and improvement. This endeavor reaffirms both universities’ commitment to excellence in extension and community services.