Exciting Visit and Potential Cooperation of World Wide Link Team and JD Global Edu Inc at Rizal Technological University

WorldWideLink Educational Development Inc. and  JD Global Erdu. Inc visited the University President last May 174,2023 to explore cooperation. Some very interesting areas discussed were the following:

Putting up an international school in RTU

The organizations are likely exploring the possibility of establishing an international school within RTU’s campus. This would provide an educational institution that offers an international curriculum and attracts students from various countries.

Opening a dual diploma or twinning program

A dual diploma or twinning program involves collaboration between educational institutions from different countries. Students enrolled in such programs have the opportunity to earn degrees or diplomas from both institutions by completing a joint curriculum. The aim here could be to offer RTU students the chance to obtain dual degrees or diplomas in collaboration with the visiting organizations.

Research conference collaboration

The visit may involve discussions about organizing a research conference at RTU. This conference could serve as a platform for academics, researchers, and experts from various fields to share their knowledge, present their research findings, and engage in scholarly discussions.

Putting up the Korean Cultural Affairs in RTU

The organizations might be interested in establishing a center or department focused on Korean cultural affairs within RTU. This could involve promoting Korean language and culture, organizing events, providing resources for Korean studies, and facilitating cultural exchange between RTU students and the Korean community.

Korean Cultural Show at RTU

As part of the collaboration, a Korean Cultural Show could be planned. This event would showcase various aspects of Korean culture, such as music, dance, food, traditional arts, and fashion. It would provide an opportunity for RTU students and the wider community to experience and appreciate Korean cultural heritage.

 Dr. Kristine Opulencia and Mr. Donato Z. Estocada from UCILEA joined the Univesity President, Dr. Ma. Eugenia M. Yangco during the meeting.

RTU Team poses with the famous Korean  finger heart with JD Global and WorldWideLink Teams.