Ethics Committee Convenes to Advance University Academic Research

In a recent meeting held on February 19, 2024, the University Research Ethics Committee (REC) convened under the leadership of Dr. Rodrigo DP. Tomas, Chair of the REC, and Prof. Lyka D. Lamoste, Head Secretariat. The meeting was held in the Blue Room, R&D building, RTU Main Campus. The session exemplified the committee’s commitment to steering the university toward ethical excellence in research endeavors.

The committee began the session with a comprehensive progress report and updates on the Research Ethics Review applications. The emphasis was on ensuring the ethical integrity of ongoing research projects within the university. Committee members actively engaged in discussions to address any concerns in maintaining ethical standards.

Ensuring that all REC members are well-versed in the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) is critical for maintaining consistency and quality in ethical reviews. The committee provided updates on the ongoing and upcoming SOP training sessions, acknowledging the significance of continuous education in promoting a unified understanding of ethical guidelines.

Moreover, one of the important points on the agenda was the planning for the selection and appointment of new REC members. Recognizing the importance of diverse perspectives and expertise, the committee identified the importance of updating its roster of officers, members, and reviewers. 

The University Research Ethics Committee remains steadfast in its mission to ensure that research projects align with the principles of integrity, responsibility, and respect for all stakeholders. As the committee continues to evolve, it is ready to play an important role in shaping the ethical landscape of research at the university, setting a benchmark for institutions committed to responsible and ethical academic inquiry.