CBEA Human Resource Dept. Highlights ‘Decent Work for All’: 3rd HR Expo

The College of Business, Entrepreneurship, and Accountancy, Department of Human Resource Management, successfully conducted its 3rd HR Expo, an in-house recruitment simulation themed “Decent Work for All: Recruitment Strategies for Inclusive Employment,” November 23-24, Mandaluyong and Pasig Campuses.

The 3rd HR Expo represented a multi-level collaboration, leveraging the strengths of various HR programs. Third-year students from HR-ELEC101: Event Management served as facilitators and organizers, providing mentorship, event planning, and logistical support to the second-year students who acted as recruiters. Additionally, first-year students enrolled in HR101: Human Resource Management participated as applicants. This multi-dimensional approach creates a holistic and transformative learning environment.

Moreover, the event’s theme is intricately tied to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, specifically focusing on SDG 8, which centers on “Decent Work and Economic Growth.” The event’s content and objectives are aligned with this global goal, aimed at addressing and promoting the principles of creating quality employment opportunities, fostering economic growth, and ensuring decent working conditions as outlined in SDG 8.