Bend, bow down and believe: Pres. Yangco shares 3 guiding principles for success during the 52nd commencement exercises

Rizal Technological University conducted its 52nd Commencement Exercises on August 29–30, 2023, at the Cuneta Astrodome in Pasay City. This year’s event carried the theme “Traversing Adversities, Sailing Through Challenges, and Soaring to Greater Heights.
The commencement exercises mark the culmination of years of hard work, dedication, and the quest for knowledge. As the RTUians don Filipiniana/ Barong and Sablay, the atmosphere is filled with excitement, nerves, and anticipation. Amidst all the emotions, one of the graduation ceremony’s highlights is undoubtedly the university president’s speech.
The university president, Dr. Ma. Eugenia Yangco’s speech, captivated the hearts and minds of the RTU community. The president delivered a stirring speech on embracing challenges as stepping stones to more significant achievements. With eloquence and passion, the president shared insights that resonated deeply, urging the graduates to view challenges not as obstacles but as opportunities to fuel personal growth.
She reminded the graduating batch of their impact on the world and the responsibilities that come with their education as she artfully expounded upon the transformative power of three guiding principles: “bend, bow down, and believe”. She explained that each principle holds the potential to shape not only individuals but also the very fabric of the institution itself.
The president explained the concept of “bending” as an embodiment of humility, saying that whatever triumph we achieve in life, we still have to keep our feet on the ground. With “bow down,” Dr. Yangco introduced an essential element of gratitude and spirituality. She emphasized the significance of recognizing the blessings that come our way and humbly seeking guidance from Him. “Believe” emerged as the culmination of these principles. The president passionately highlighted the importance of self-confidence and faith in one’s abilities. Through unwavering belief, she stressed, individuals can overcome obstacles.
The president’s speech encouraged each person on the podium to embody the humility to bend, the gratitude to bow down, and the self-assuredness to believe. These principles, she emphasized, have the potential to create a community of lifelong learners, gracious hearts, and empowered individuals who are self-assured to make remarkable contributions to the university’s mission and beyond.
The 2-day commencement exercises sent off 6,515 graduates from the five colleges and one university institute. Indeed, it was a success for not just the graduates and their families but also the entire university.