Basic Fire Fighting Seminar and Training

During the first day of the Basic Fire Fighting Seminar and Training, the speaker presented the lectures, demonstrations, and instructions on how to properly put out a fire. The SAGAD firefighting team from Pasig City volunteered to teach the selected employees of RTU and they are under the command of Mr. Edwin E. Vidallo, the SAGAD 09 fire chief; Mr. Carlo C. Malabanan, the SAGAD 12 team leader; Mr. John Miguel Natividad, EMS Team Leader SAGAD 36; and Mr. Kyle Dela Pena, the SAGAD 14 fire fighter. They talked about the ways to support and protect your establishment through fire safety training (school,
business, etc.). The fire protection and preparedness program can help you prevent costly damage, injuries to your students and staff, co-employees, and even fines for your company. It can guarantee everyone’s awareness on how to behave properly, lowering the possibility of harm or death in the event of a fire. Simple firefighting methods can also aid in preventing small fires from growing into major crises