Assoc. Prof. Nilmar Moreno Takes Center Stage as a Keynote Speaker at the World Young Scientists Summit 2023

Assoc. Prof. Nilmar Moreno, the Director of RTU’s Center for Futures Thinking and Innovation (CFTI), was one of the featured speakers at the prestigious World Young Scientist Summit 2023 held at the renowned Pullman Hotel in Wenzhou City, Province of Zhejiang, China, on November 8–9, 2023. This year’s summit, with the theme “Belt and Road Talents Cultivation Forum,” provided a platform for experts and scholars to discuss and collaborate on the internationalization and advancement of vocational education. The focus was on fostering global cooperation to enhance the quality and development of vocational education.

Assoc. Professor Nilmar Moreno brought valuable insights to the forum, contributing to discussions on how to co-build international partnerships in vocational education. His expertise and perspective undoubtedly played a crucial role in shaping the dialogue on cultivating talents and promoting high-quality development in vocational education on a global scale. With him were the deputies and directors of the education agencies around the globe who participated in the summit.

The summit served not only as a knowledge-sharing platform but also as a catalyst for fostering collaborative efforts among educators, researchers, and policymakers worldwide. It underscored the importance of international cooperation in shaping the future of vocational education. The event marked a milestone in advancing the goals of the Belt and Road Initiative and promoting high-quality vocational education as a key driver of global talent development.