48 new proposals and 29 research papers were successfully presented in the recently concluded 12th Research Colloquium and 20th Research Forum

The Research and Development Center (RDC), true to its mission to build an army of innovative researchers, once again conducted its 12th Research Colloquium and 20th Research Forum with the theme “Sustainable Environmental and Digital Initiatives to Cultivate Inclusive and Vibrant Research Communities” this September 20–22, 2023, via Zoom.

With the full support of the Vice President for Research, Innovation, and Extension Services (VPRIES), Dr. Julius L. Meneses, together with other key officials such as Dr. Magno M. Quendangan, Executive Vice President (EVP); and Dr. Kathryn D. Tria, Dean, College of Business, Entrepreneurship, and Accountancy (CBEA) warmly welcomed the participants, speakers, and evaluators.

The three-day undertaking, apart from the presentation proper as the main highlight of the event, featured our very own two plenary speakers: 1) Dr. Jaevier Villanueva, Center for Data Science and Smart Analytics (CDSSA) director, talked about “Empowering a Sustainable Future: Harnessing Digital Innovations for Inclusivity and Prosperity”; and 2) Instr. Jason B. Kalaw, the director of the Center for Astronomy Research and Development (CARD) and focal person for the RTU Climate Change Committee, also shared about “Global Boiling: A Look at the Earth’s Climate Change Transition through Time.” The talks centered on the empowerment and sustainability of breakthrough inclusive research and development, as well as presentations and reports of the current earth’s circumstances and our role in protecting it.

As concluded, the 48 new research proposals are on their path toward a full-blown research study, just as the 29 full papers that are scheduled for a research conference—that is, after all the comments and suggestions made by the panel were applied and integrated into their study.

By: Instr. Monica Elaijan R Macaballug (RDC) and Ms. Ma. Teresa Generales (RDC/UCPA)