1st CAS-GP General Assembly Brings New Set of Officers for the CAS Graduate Programs Students’ Association

On September 30th, graduate students from various disciplines in the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) convened for the General Assembly (GA) and Election of Officers for the CAS Graduate Programs Students’ Association. This gathering held significance for the college community as it aimed to build a sense of camaraderie and shared purpose among graduate students.

The event served as an open conversation among the student body, showcasing their dedication in creating a positive environment for its constituents. The event’s highlight was the election of officers, as attendees were encouraged to nominate and vote for candidates they believed would best represent their interests.

The appointed officers have an important role in advocating for the needs of the CAS graduate students. They will also act as liaisons between students and college administration, working towards enhancing the graduate student experience.

The event played a role in strengthening the College of Arts and Sciences graduate student community—a demonstration of CAS GP students’ commitment while emphasizing their aspiration to foster a nurturing and collaborative environment.

With the appointed officials in position, the outlook appears promising for CAS GP, which is persistently pursuing excellence and innovation in their field.

By: Pauline Miranda- Sabit (CAS Faculty)