Global Certification, Local Innovation: Fueling Futures in Business, Entrepreneurship, and Accountancy

Rizal Technological University students had the chance to explore the dynamic intersections between international certification and local innovation and their significant effects on the business, entrepreneurship, and accounting disciplines through an event organized by the RTU College of Business, Entrepreneurship, and Accountancy (CBEA) Financial Management Department in partnership with East-West International Education Specialist on September 25, 2023, at the RTU Gymnasium.

Distinguished guests and partners included BDSWISS Vantage, HFMarkets, Silicon Valley, International Technological University, Cyberhub Israel, Cryptoglobal United, and Marketechpost. These industry giants lent their expertise to cultivate a holistic understanding of the global business landscape, offering valuable insights into the opportunities and challenges ahead.

The keynote address given by Mr. Dennis Layug, a well-known authority in the field, was the event’s high point. The significance of international certification in the dynamic fields of finance and entrepreneurship was furthered by Mr. Layug’s lecture. He underlined the value of local innovation as a catalyst for long-term success on a global scale, encouraging students to think globally and realize their full creative potential.

This seminar and orientation provide students a platform to better grasp the globalized corporate world in preparation for their future pursuits. In addition to broadening their perspectives, it is a rewarding experience that motivates them to break new ground in their respective disciplines. These aspiring professionals now have the information they need as they start their journey.

By: Instr. Michael Dela Cruz, Program Chair, BSBA Financial Management