RTUians Dialogue in International Youth Talk on Market Business Innovation

Rizal Technological University represented the Philippines in the International Youth Talk on June 18, 2024. Organized by Go Study Global, the virtual event brought together young minds and industry experts from multiple countries to explore marketing and business innovation in the digital age.

The event featured distinguished student speakers from RTU’s Marketing Management program, including Christian Pablo, Miguel Dindo Garcia, Catherine Kate Cuenco, and Antoinette Cantor. Representing the country, these students shared their insights and experiences, highlighting their contributions to marketing and business studies. Their presentations focused on innovative strategies and contemporary issues in the marketplace.

Guiding the students in this dialogue were esteemed mentors, Instr. Donato Z. Estocada and Instr. Christian Paul T. Mendoza. With proper experience in marketing and business management, their expertise enriched the discussions, offering practical perspectives that enhanced the learning experience for all participants.

The International Youth Talk saw participation from students across several countries, including China, Cambodia, Malaysia, and Indonesia. This diverse gathering facilitated a dynamic exchange of ideas, providing attendees with a broader understanding of global market trends and business practices. By engaging with peers from various cultural backgrounds, participants developed essential communication skills crucial for succeeding in the global marketplace.

This event highlights RTU’s commitment to promoting global awareness, innovation, and collaboration among its students. By fostering dialogues on critical issues such as market and business innovation, RTU continues to uphold its mission of nurturing future leaders equipped to thrive in an increasingly interconnected and digital world.


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