RTU Junior High School Celebrates the 7th Moving Up Ceremony

July 1, 2024—Rizal Technological University’s (RTU) Junior High School (JHS) celebrated a significant milestone with its 7th Moving Up Ceremony. The event occurred at Tanghalang Pasigueno in Pasig City and was led by the Laboratory School Principal, Dr. Millany Averilla. The ceremony was graced by university officials, faculty members, students, and their families.

The ceremony commenced with an inspirational message from the university president, Dr. Ma. Eugenia M. Yangco. In her speech, Dr. Yangco reflected on the swift passage of time and the substantial growth in wisdom and character that the students have experienced. She emphasized that the Moving Up ceremony is a recognition of their accomplishments during their high school years but also a reminder that their journey is far from over. This milestone marks the opening of new doors of opportunity as they transition into senior high school, where they will continue to be trained and developed.

Dr. Yangco reminded the completers that they are part of the Filipino youth, who represent hope for the country’s future. She encouraged them to harness their potential to contribute to a better and stronger nation.

Following Dr. Yangco’s address is the ceremony’s guest speaker – Mr. John Daryll S. Mercado, District Supervisor at the School Division Office of Mandaluyong, who delivered a compelling message. Mr. Mercado emphasized the importance of kindness and compassion, particularly in the digital era. He urged the students to treat everyone with respect and care, highlighting the significant responsibilities that come with living in a technologically advanced society.

The ceremony celebrated academic achievement, personal growth, and the promise of future success. It was a testament to the dedication of the students, the support of their families, and the unwavering commitment of the RTU faculty and administration to provide quality education.

As the JHS completers move up to senior high school, they carry with them the knowledge, skills, and values they have acquired, which will guide them in their future endeavors. The RTU community eagerly looks forward to their continued growth and achievements.