RTU BSBA HRM Program Celebrates Excelling Graduating Students Back-to-Back with 10th Founding Anniversary

The RTU BS Human Resource Management (HRM) program, under the College of Business, Entrepreneurship, and Accountancy (CBEA), recently marked two significant milestones, celebrating the exceptional achievements of its graduating students and its 10th Founding Anniversary.

On June 11, the HR Parangal 2024 was held at the Kaban ng Hiyas – Auditorium, honoring the remarkable accomplishments of 4th Year HRM students. Themed “Architects of Success,” the event highlighted the outstanding academic and professional achievements of students who have shown unwavering commitment, innovative thinking, and a passion for their field. The celebration brought together educators, professionals, and students, emphasizing the collective spirit and dedication that define the HR community. It not only recognized individual successes but also inspired the next generation of HR leaders, setting a high standard for future practitioners.

And earlier this year, from April 20 to 23, the HRM program celebrated its 10th Founding Anniversary with a series of events under the theme “YUGTO.” This milestone highlighted a decade of achievements in nurturing and developing future human capital. The week-long celebration featured the annual conference, workshops, panel discussions, and networking events, showcasing the program’s commitment to growth and innovation. Attendees reflected on the program’s successes over the past decade and looked forward to continued excellence in the HR field.

These events emphasized the HRM Department’s dedication to shaping the future of human resources. They celebrated past accomplishments while setting the stage for future success, marking significant milestones in the academic and professional journeys of its students and the program as a whole.