Volume 6 No. 1June 2003
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Don Hendrix, Master Mount Wilson and Palomar Observatories OpticianDonald E. Osterbrock1
Airy’s Zenith Telescopes and “the Birth-star of Modern Astronomy”Gilbert E. Satterthwaite13
Porters, Watchmen, and the Crime of William Sayers: The Non-scientific Staff of the Royal Observatory, Greenwich, in Victorian TimesAllan Chapman27
An Astronomer Calls: Extracts from the Diaries of Charles Piazzi SmythMary T. Bruck37
Was the Supernova of AD 1054 Reported in European history?F. Richard Stephenson, & David A. Green46
Examination of Early Chinese Records of Solar EclipsesCiyuan Liu, Xueshun Liu, & Liping Ma53
IAU Reports
The C41/ICHA Transits of Venus Working Group. 2: Lord Lindsay’s Transit of Venus expedition to Mauritius 1874 Mary T. Bruck 64
Book Reviews
Sky and Ocean Joined: The U.S. Naval Observatory 1830-2000, by Steven J. DickWayne Orchiston65
Starry Night: Astronomers and Poets Read the Sky, by David H. LevyClive Davenhall66
Historical Supernovae and Their Remnants, by F. Richard Stephenson & David A. GreenWayne Orchiston66
100 Years of Observational Astronomy and Astrophysics: Homage to Miklós Konkoly Thege, ed. by Christiaan Sterken & John B. Hearnshaw Wayne Orchiston 66
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Volume 6 No. 2December 2003
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Detroit Observatory: Nineteenth-century Training Ground for AstronomersPatricia S. Whitesell69
Rebuilding Astronomy at Michigan: From Hussey to GoldbergRudi Paul Lindner107
The California-Michigan Axis in American Astronomy [erratum]Donald E. Osterbrock120
Book Review
The Enigma of Sunspots, by Judit BrodyClive Davenhall137
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