Volume 5 No. 1June 2002
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Astronomy in the Xia-Shang-Zhou Chronology ProjectCi-Yuan Liu1
Acceptance and Adaptation of Octants and Sextants in Japan during the Eighteenth and
Nineteenth Centuries
Tsuko Nakamura9
Ingenuity and Initiative in Australian Radio Astronomy: the Dover Heights
“Hole-in-the-ground” Antenna
Wayne Orchiston & Bruce Slee21
The Contribution of José Luis Sérsic to Celestial MechanicsAdrián Brunini, & Octavio Ismael Miloni35
Early Astronomy in America: The Role of the College of William and MaryJeffery R. Shy41
Eise Eisinga and his PlanetariumJolanda Mulder de Ridder65
From Pythagoreans to Kepler: the Dispute between the Geocentric and the Heliocentric SystemsE. Theodossiou, E. Danezis, V.N. Manimanis,
& E.-M. Kalyva
Foucault – the Man Who Swung the PendulumDébarbat, Suzanne99
Book Reviews (all)
Science in Theistic contexts: Cognitive Dimensions, ed. by J.H. Brooke, M.J. Osler, & J.M. van der MeerClive Davenhall100
New Observations of Heavenly and Earthly Objects Made with the Aid of Optical Instruments Devised
by Him and Brought to Perfection, by Francesco Fontana, translated and annotated
by Peter Fay & Sally Beaumont
Allan Chapman101
Agnes Mary Clerke and the Rise of Astrophysics, by Mary BrückAlan H. Batten102
The Transit of Venus. The Quest to Find the True Distance of the Sun, by David SellersWayne Orchiston104
New Commissions
The Inter-Union Commission for History of AstronomyF. Richard Stephenson, Alexander Gurshtein,
Wayne Orchiston & Stephen J. Dick
International Commission for History of Ancient and Medieval AstronomyS.M.R. Ansari & Anne Tihon,105
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Volume 5 No. 2Dec 2002
About the JAHHInside Cover
The Discovery of Strong Extragalactic Polarization using the Parkes Radio TelescopeRonald N. Bracewell107
Analysis of Dates and Lunar Phase Records in WuchengCiyuan Liu115
Christopher Hansteen and the First Observatory at the University of Oslo, 1815-28Bjørn Ragnvald Pettersen123
The Fall of a Meteorite at Aegos Potami in 467/6 BCE.Th. Theodossiou, P.G. Niarchos, V.N. Manimanis,
& W. Orchiston
The 1900-1 Opposition of 433 Eros, the Solar Parallax, and the Contribution of
Padova Observatory
Luisa Pigatto & Valeria Zanini141
The Mechanics and Origin of CometariaMartin Beech155
Nineteenth Century Astronomy at the U.S. Naval AcademyPaul D. Shankland & Wayne Orchiston165
IAU Reports and Other Announcements
The IAU, Astronomical Archives and Commissions 41 and the ICHASuzanne Débarbat181
Society for the History of Astronomy Founded in the UKStuart Williams184
The C41/ICHA Transits of Venus Working Group. I: An introductionWayne Orchiston, Steven J. Dick, Alexander
Gurshtein, Rajesh Kochhar & Luisa Pigatto
Book Reviews (all)
Gods in the Sky: Astronomy, Religion and Culture from the Ancients to the Renaissance, by Allan ChapmanMary Brück189
Karl Friedrich Zöllner and the Historical Dimension of Astronomical Photometry: A Collection
of Papers on the History of Astronomy, ed.
by Christiaan Sterken & Klauss Staubermann
Wayne Orchiston191
Queen of Science, Personal Recollections of Mary Somerville, ed. and introduced by Dorothy McMillanMary Brück192
The Roman cult of Mithras: The God and His Mysteries, by Manfred ClaussClive Davenhall193
Walter Baade: A Life in Astrophysics, by Donald E. OsterbrockWayne Orchiston195
La Carte du Ciel, Correspondance Inédite Conservée dans les Archives de L’observatoire de Paris,
by Ileana Chinnici
Ivan Nikolof197
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Guide for Authors201
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