Volume 25 No. 1   March 2022
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Contents   1
Editorial Wayne Orchiston 2
A history of astronomical optics in France James Lequeux and Yvon Georgelin 3
Historical Chinese efforts to determine longitude at sea Richard de Grijs 54
Analysis of the New Moon times on the calendar disk of the astronomical clock in Gdansk, Poland Lars Gislén and Wayne Orchiston 75
The unexpected appearance of Dawes’ Observatory on the ‘1808 Sydney Cove Map’ Richard de Grijs 83
Astronomical observatory publications: information exchange before the Internet era Ole Ellegaard and Bertil F. Dorch 91
Reminiscences of an eclectic historian–astronomer Stephen J. Dick 99
IAU and Other Reports    
IAU Commission C3 (History of Astronomy): Triennial Report, 2018–2021 Wayne Orchiston, Christiaan Sterken, Sara SchechnerXiaochun Sun, Ileana ChinniciEun-Hee Lee, Jay M. Pasachoff and Pieter C. van der Kruit 138
Book Reviews (all)    
The Astronomer’s Chair, by Omar W. Nasim Clifford Cunningham 161
Empiricisms: Experience and Experiment from Antiquity to the Anthropocene, by Barry Allen 162 Clifford Cunningham Clifford Cunningham 162
The Mysterious Spheres on Greek and Roman Ancient Coins, by Raymond V. Sidrys Clifford Cunningham 163
Plato’s Timaeus. Proceedings of the Tenth Symposium Platonicum Pragense, edited by Chad Jorgenson, Filip Karfik and Štěpán Špinka Thomas Kjeller Johansen 165
Atomism in the Aeneid: Physics, Politics, and Cosmological Disorder, by Matthew M. Gorey Clifford Cunningham 166
Ennius Noster: Lucretius and the Annales, by Jason N. Nehercut Clifford Cunningham 167
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Volume 25 No. 2   June 2022
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Contents   169
Editorial Wayne Orchiston 170

Life at Meudon Observatory, 1876–1963

James Lequeux

Jules Janssen, the birth of solar physics, the foundation of Meudon Observatory, and the Mont Blanc Adventure (1875-1895)

J.-M. Malherbe 187
Astronomy and the Kofun burial mounds of Japan Tsuko Nakamura 208
Comets and political anxieties in the first half of the ninth century: new light on Comets X/839 B1 and X841 Y1 Piero Sicoli, Marilina Cesario and Roberto Gorelli 213
Systematic errors in Galileo’s astronomical observations and alleged anomalies in the position of Neptune Enrico Bernieri, Gheorghe Stratan, Sara Bacchini and Liviu Mircea 227
Mabel Cook Cole’s Philippine Folk Tales: an ethnoastronomical analysis

Ruby Ann B. Dela Cruz, Wayne Orchiston,
Rose Ann B. Bautista, Princess B. Tucio,
Jesus Rodrigo F. Torres and Ryan Manuel D. Guido


At the Temple Kūkaniloko, on O’ahu, Hawaiian Islands, Regulus predicted the greatest chief of an era

Martha H. Noyes 272

The 1989 Opotiki Bolide: accumulated evidence for a new carbonaceous chondrite meteorite from Aotearoa / New Zealand

Wayne Orchiston and John

A novel tool to determine absolute chronology: the phenomena of the agricultural marker stars Regulus and Sirius

Maurice Crijns 290
Reflections on a misspent youth Alan H. Batten 299
IAU and Other Reports    

IAU Working Group for Archeoastronomy and Astronomy in Culture: Triennial Report, 2018–2021


Steven Gullberg, Javier Mejuto, Beatriz Garcia, Duane Hamacher, Jarita Holbrook Alejandro Martin Lopez, Rosa M. Ros and Christiaan Sterken

IAU Working Group for Ethnoastronomy & Intangible Heritage: Triennial Report, 2018–2021

Duane Hamacher, Beatriz Garcia, Alejandro Gangui, Steven Gullberg, Jarita Holbrook, Alejandro Martin Lopez, Javier Mejuto, Wayne Orchiston and Clive Ruggles

Book Reviews (all)    
As the World Turns, by Peter Kosso Clifford Cunningham 322

Education and Heritage in the Era of Big Data in Astronomy, edited by Rosa M. Ros, Beatriz Garcia, Steven R. Gullberg, Javier Moldin and Patricio Rojo

Steven J. Dick 323
The Human Cosmos: Civilization and the Stars, by Jo Marchant Clifford Cunningham 325
Visualising Skyscapes: Material Forms of Cultural Engagement with the Heavens, edited by Liz Henty and Daniel Brown Nicholas Campion 326

The Values of Nighttime in Classical Antiquity: Between Dusk and Dawn, edited by James Ker and Antje Wessels

Clifford Cunningham 328

“Pour la Gloire de M. de la Lande.” Une Histoire Matérielle, Scientifique, Institutionnelle et Humaine de la Connaissance des Temps, de 1679 à 1920, by Guy Boistel.

James Lequeux 330

The First Astronomers: How Indigenous Elders Read the Stars, by Duane Hamacher, Ghillar Michael Anderson, John Barsa, David Bosun, Ron Day, Segar Passi and Alo Tapim

Wayne Orchiston 333

Balatik. An English Translation. Ethnoastronomy: The Sky in Filipino Civilization, by Dante L. Ambrosio; English translation by Jesus Rodrigo F. Torres
and Ruby-Ann Dela Cruz


Wayne Orchiston 335
Australian Radio Astronomy Papers Published in JAHH   338
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Volume 25 No. 3   September 2022
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Contents   339

Pieter Johannes van Rhijn, Kapteyn’s Astronomical Laboratory and the Plan of Selected Areas

Pieter C. van der Kruit 341

The origins and legacy of ‘Kepler’s Gap’

Clifford J. Cunningham 439
In search of the Promontorium Somni  William Tobin and James Lequeux 457
Papers on the History of French Astronomy Published in the Journal of Astronomical History and Heritage   468
The 1922 solar eclipse at Christmas Island: “Our disappointment it is impossible to describe” Jonathan Spencer Jones 469
John Beebe and the development of astronomy in Queensland, Australia Peter E. Anderson and Wayne Orchiston 481

Notes for a chronology of the telescope-making activities of the Neapolitan optician Francesco Fontana

Paolo Del Santo 503

On the origin of the Keplerian Telescope

Paolo Molaro 511

Tales from India. 1: Meteor showers in Classical and Colonial sources

R.C. Kapoor 518
Henri Deslandres: from molecular to solar physics James Lequeux (with an Appendix by Jean-Marie Malherbe) 553

Obituary: William Tobin (1953–2022)

James Lequeux 576

IAU and Other Reports


IAU Project Group on Asian Astronomy: Report 2019–2021 


Wayne Orchiston and B.S. Shylaja 577
Book Reviews (all)    
Astrobiology: Science, Ethnics, and Public Policy, edited by Octavio Chon Torres, Ted Peters, Joseph Seckbach, and Richard Gordon Steven J. Dick 584

Extraterrestrial Intelligence: Academic and Societal Implications, edited by Jensine Andresen and Octavio A. Chon Torres

Steven J. Dick 584
The Sky is for Everyone, edited by Virginia Trimble and David A. Weintraub Kenneth S. Rumstay 587
Michael Maestlin’s Manuscript Treatise on the Comet of 1618: An Edition and Translation of Manuscript WLB Stuttgart, Cod. Math. 4o 15b, Nr 8edited by Miguel Granada and Patrick Boner Clifford Cunningham 589

Investigating Art, History and Literature with Astronomy: Determining Time, Place, and Other Hidden Details Linked to the Stars, by Donald W. Olsen

Marion Dolan 591

Gaṇitagannaḍ: Mirror of Mathematics, An Astronomy Text of 1604 CE in Kannada by Śankaranārāyana Joisaru of Śṛngeritranslated and with a mathematical analysis by B.S. Shylaja and Seetharama Javagal

S. Balachandra Rao 592

A Treatise on Moon Maps: Visual Studies on Paper, 1610-1910, by Francis J. Manasek

Wayne Orchiston 593

Golden Years of Australian Radio Astronomy: An Illustrated History, by Wayne Orchiston, Peter Robertson and Woodruff T. Sullivan III


Harry Wendt 596

Papers on the History of East Asian Astronomy Published in the Journal of Astronomical History and Heritage


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Volume 25 No. 4   December 2022
About the JAHH and the cover   Inside Cover
Contents   599

Visual time signals for mariners between their introduction and 1947: a new perspective

Roger Kinns 601

Importance of Bhāskara’s Karaṇakutūhala as an algorithmic handbook

K. Rupa, Padmaja Venugopal, Anita Udagatti, S.K. Uma and S. Balachandra Rao 714
The stellar photometers of Harold L. Johnson, and the first years of the Mexican National
Astronomical Observatory at San Pedro Mártir
William J. Schuster, Antolin Cordova, Marco Arturo Moreno Corral and Cristina Eugenia Siqueiros Valencia 721
Gravitational conundrum: confusing clock-rate measurements on the ‘First Fleet’ from
England to Australia
Richard de Grijs 737
Ancient and Renaissance astronomers in Shakespeare’s The Tragedy of Hamlet Enrico Massaro and Peter D. Usher 745
The role of astronomy in determining the locations of geographical features during the eleventh to seventeenth centuries: a case study from the Thai–Malay Peninsula Peeravit Koad and Thatdao Rakmak



Govind Swarup, Potts Hill and the Kalyan Array: India’s first radio telescope

Wayne Orchiston 773

A hidden volvelle in Petrus Apianus’ Astronomicum Caesareum

Lars Gislén 802
Book Review (all)    

Beyond Paradigms in Cultural Astronomy: Proceedings of the 27th SEAC Conference Held Together with the EAA, edited by A. César González-Garcia, Roslyn M. Frank, Lionel D. Sims, Michael A. Rappenglück, Georg Zotti, Juan A. Belmonte, and Ivan Šprajc

Marion Dolan and Clifford Cunningham 811
Cosmic Odyssey: How Intrepid Astronomers at Palomar Observatory Changed our View of the Universe, by Linda Schweizer Samantha M. Thompson 815

Shakespeare’s Knowledge of Astronomy and the Birth of Modern Cosmology, by Peter D. Usher

Clifford Cunningham 816

Publishing Sacrobosco’s De Sphaera in Early Modern Europe: Modes of Material and Scientific Exchangeedited by Matteo Valleriani and Andrea Ottone


Miguel Á. Granada 817
Venus, by William Sheehan and Sanjay Shridhar Limaye Clifford Cunningham 822
Mystery of the Ashen Light of Venus, by John C. Barentine Clifford Cunningham 824

Isaac Newton and the Study of Chronology: Prophecy, History, and Method, by Cornelius J. Schilt

Steven J. Dick 824
Flashes of Creation: George Gamow, Fred Hoyle, and the Great Big Bang Debate, by Paul Halpern Cormac O’Raifeartaig 827
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