Volume 24 No. 1   March 2021
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Contents   1
Editorial Wayne Orchiston 2
Professor Govind Swarup’s contribution to Indian science: the recollections of a non-radio astronomer Arnab Rai Choudhuri 3
William Dawes: practical astronomy on the ‘First Fleet’ from England to Australia Richard de Grijs and Andrew P. Jacob 7
Sydney’s scientific beginnings: William Dawes’ observatories in context Richard de Grijs and Andrew P. Jacob 41
An analysis of the golden numbers on the calendar disk on the astronomical clock in Lund Lars Gislen 77
The rise of ultraviolet astronomy in France James Lequeux 83
Comet tales from India: Donati’s Comet of 1858 (C/1858 L1 Donati) R.C. Kapoor 98
Observations of the total solar eclipse of 18 August 1868 carried out by Jules Janssen at Guntoor, India Francoise Launay 114
Two proto-science-fiction novels written in French by eighteenth century women Yael Naze 125
On the alleged use of Keplerian telescopes in Naples in the 1610s Paolo Del Santo 137
The history of early low frequency radio astronomy in Australia. 10: Shain, Gardner, and Jovian
observations made at Fleurs and Potts Hill field stations in Sydney during 1955–1956
Wayne Orchiston, Martin George, Harry Wendt
and Richard Wielebinski
Diameters (bimbas) of the Sun, Moon and Earth’s shadow-cone in Indian astronomical texts,
with special reference to the Makarandasāriṇī and the Ganakānanda
S.K. Uma, Padmaja Venugopal, K. Rupa
and S. Balachandra Rao
From the Archives    
A complicated relationship: an introduction to the correspondence between Percival Lowell
and Giovanni Virginio Schiaparelli
Jennifer Putnam and William Sheehan 170
Book Reviews (all)    
On Trial for Reason: Science, Religion & Culture in the Galileo Affair, by Maurice Finocchiaro Clifford Cunningham 228
On the Life of Galileo: Viviani’s Historical Account and other Early Biographies, edited by Stefano Gattei Clifford Cunningham 228
Where Have all the Heavens Gone?: Galileo’s Letter to the Grand Duchess Christina, edited
by John P. McCarthy and Edmondo F. Lupieri
Clifford Cunningham 228
What Stars Are Made Of: The Life of Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin, by Donovan Moore David Whelan 230
Portrait of a Binary, by Sylvia L. Boyd David Whelan 230
Astronomy of the Inca Empire: Use and Significance of the Sun and the Night Sky, by Steven R. Gullberg Bruce Love 233
Keeping Watch in Babylon: The Astronomical Diaries in Context, edited by Johannes Haubold, John Steele
and Kathryn Stevens
Clifford Cunningham 234
Festschrift – Proceedings of the Christoph J. Scriba Memorial Meeting – History of Mathematics
(Nuncius Hamburgensis; Bd. 36), edited
by Gudrun Wolfschmidt
Katharina Habermann 236
Early Greek Philosophies of Nature, by Andrew Gregory Clifford Cunningham 237
The Shogun’s Silver Telescope: God, Art, and Money in the English Quest for Japan, 1600–1625,
by Timon Screech
Christopher M. Graney 239
Ptolemy’s Philosophy: Mathematics as a way of life, by Jacqueline Feke Clifford Cunningham 241
Letter to the Editor    
Re: The Shogun’s Silver Telescope: God, Art, and Money in the English Quest for Japan, 1600–1625,
by Timon Screech
Tsuko Nakamura 243
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Volume 24 No. 2   June 2021
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Contents   245
Interferometry and monochromatic imaging at Marseille Observatory Yvon Georgelin and James Lequeux 247
Time signals for mariners in South Africa Roger Kinns 285
Time signals for mariners in the Atlantic Islands and West Africa Roger Kinns 315
Where was mean solar time first adopted? Simone Bianchi 337
The Seven Sisters: a Pleiades cantata Clifford J. Cunningham and Barbara Bacik Case 345
Ragoonatha Charry and the observations of the total solar eclipse of 1868 from Vanpurthy (Wanparthy), India T.V. Venkateswaran 363
King Rama IV, Sir Harry Ord and the total solar eclipse of 18 August 1868: power, politics and astronomy Wayne Orchiston and Darunee Lingling Orchiston 389
European longitude prizes. 2: Astronomy, religion and engineering solutions in the Dutch Republic Richard de Grijs 405
Unified analysis of observation dates for ancient star maps and catalogues in Asia Tsuko Nakamura 440
Australian eclipses: the Western Australian eclipse of 1974 and the East Coast eclipse of 1976 Nick Lomb 475
Showcasing seventeenth-century Jesuit astronomy in Asia: the lead-up to the first scientific observations of a
solar eclipse carried out in Siam
Wayne Orchiston, Darunee Lingling Orchiston,
Lars Gislén, Martin George,Boonrucksar
Soonthornthum, Françoise Launay,
Suzanne Débarbat andMatthieu Husson
Karl Schwarzschild, Annie J. Cannon and Cornelis Easton: the honorary PhDs of Jacobus C. Kapteyn Pieter C. van der Kruit 521
Book Reviews (all)    
Chinese Astrology and Astronomy: An Outside History, by Jiang Xiaoyuan David Pankenier 544
Heaven on Earth: How Copernicus, Brahe, Kepler and Galileo Discovered the Modern World, by L.S. Fauber Clifford Cunningham 545
Internationality in the Astronomical Research of the 18th to 20th Centuries, edited by G. Wolfschmidt Andreas Schrimpf 546
Leopolis Scientifica. Science in Lviv till the Middle of the XX Century, edited by Oleh Petruk Volodymyr Pelykh and Roman Plyatsko 548
The Light Ages: The Surprising Story of Medieval Science, by Seb Falk Marion Dolan 549
Mars, by Stephen O’Meara Clifford Cunningham 552
The Sky Atlas, by Edward Brooke-Hitching Clifford Cunningham 554
Star Maps, History, Artistry, and Cartography (Third Edition), by Nick Kanas Clifford Cunningham 554
Celestial Atlas: A Journey in the Sky Through Maps, by Elena Percivaldi Clifford Cunningham 554
Storočia Astronómie v Prešove, edited by Renáta Kolivošková Martin Vaňko 556
The Mythology of the Night Sky: Greek, Roman and Other Celestial Lore, by David Falkner Clifford Cunningham 558
Astronomical Myths: Based on Flammarion’s “History of the Heavens”, by John F. Blake Clifford Cunningham 558
The Birth of Modern Astronomy, by Harm J. Habing Robert W. Smith 559
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Volume 24, No.3   September
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The early years of the solar variations project at Lowell Observatory: birth pangs of a
decades-long research endeavor
G. Wesley Lockwood and William Sheehan 563
Five decades of solar research at the Mic du Midi Turret-Dome (1960–2010). Part 1: Overview
of instrumentation and observations
Th. Roudier, J.-M. Malherbe, J.-P.
Rozelot, P. Mein and R. Muller
Record of a solar eclipse in an eighteenth-century painting from Kangra, India B.S. Shylaja 607
Australian eclipses: three “Men of Science” and the Sydney eclipse of 1857 Nick Lomb 619
Norman Robert Pogson and observations of the total solar eclipse of 1868 from Masuliptam, India Biman B. Nath and Wayne Orchiston 629
It’s all Greek: Three of Kepler’s book titles Paul Gabor and Katarina Petrovićová 652
Fixing the chronology in Tai-Ahom chronicles by using astronomical references R.C. Kapoor 665
A new and improved orbit for a Comet C/400 F1 Gary W. Kronk 688
A new and improved orbit for Comet C/1558 P1 Maik Meyer 697
European longitude prizes. 3: The unsolved mystery of an alleged Venetian longitude prize Richard de Grijs 728
European longitude prizes. 4: Thomas Axe’s impossible terms Richard de Grijs 739
Exploring the Portsmouth time balls Roger Kinns, Paul Fuller and Douglas Bateman 751
Seventeenth century French Jesuit longitude determinations in Asia: on the art of rectifying the clocks Lars Gislén 770
Intangible heritage: connecting astronomical telescopes and their users Klaus Staubermann, Johan Kärnfelt
and Gustav Holmberg
Ronald A. McIntosh: pioneer Southern Hemisphere meteor observer Wayne Orchiston, John Drummond
and Michael Luciuk
The Burmese Uḍhaya procedure: a simplified calculation of the oblique ascension of the Sun Lars Gislén 818
From the Archives    
Two photograph albums from the German transit of Venus expedition to the Auckland Islands in 1874 William Tobin 823
Reminiscences of a radio astronomer James Lequeux 862
Book Reviews (all)    
Under One Sky: The IAU Centenary Symposium, edited by Christiaan Sterken, John Hearnshaw,
and David Valls-Gabaud
Robert W. Smith 876
Advancing Cultural Astronomy: Studies in Honour of Clive Ruggles, edited by Efrosyni Boutsikas,
Stephen C. McCluskey, and John Steele
Steven J. Dick 877
Expanding Worldviews: Astrobiology, Big History and Cosmic Perspectives, edited by Ian Crawford Steven J. Dick 879
Islam, Science Fiction, and Extraterrestrial Life: The Culture of Astrobiology in the Muslim World,
by Jörg Matthias Determann
Steven J. Dick 882
John Harrison and the Quest for Longitude, by Jonathan Betts Jane Desborough 884
Harrison Decoded: Towards a Perfect Pendulum Clock, edited by Rory McEvoy and Jonathan Betts Jane Desborough 885
Orreries, Clocks and London Society, by Tony Buick Jane Desborough 887
Neptune: From Grand Discovery to a World Revealed. Essays on the 200th Anniversary of the Birth
of John Couch Adams,
edited by William Sheehan, Trudy E. Bell, Carolyn Kennett and Robert W. Smith
Steven J. Dick 889
Einstein was Right: The Science and History of Gravitational Waves, edited by Jed Z. Buchwald Clifford Cunningham 892
Lightspeed: The Ghostly Aether and the Race to Measure the Speed of Light, by John C. Spence Jana Ruth Ford 894
Heavenly Numbers: Astronomy and Authority in Early Imperial China, by Christopher Cullen Rebecca Robinson 896
Wordsworth, Coleridge, and ‘The Language of the Heavens’, by Thomas Owen Clifford Cunningham 898
Stargazer: A Leaphorn, Chee & Manuelito Novel, by Anne Hillerman Von Del Chamberlain 899
Ancient Khmer Sites in North-eastern Thailand: Khorat, Buriram and the Angkor-Phimai Route,
by Asger Mollerup
Wayne Orchiston 901

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Volume 24, No.4   December
About the JAHH and the cover    
Enigmatic nebulous companions to the Great September Comet of 1882 as Soho-like Kreutz sungrazers caught in terminal outburst Zdenek Sekanina 905
Five decades of solar research at the Pic du Midi Turret-Dome (1960–2010). Part 2: High spatial resolution imagery R. Muller, Th. Roudier and J.-M. Malherbe 921
The total solar eclipse in the Bhagavata: its depiction in words and in images R.C. Kapoor 935
The history of radio astronomy in Poland: from solar patrols to pulsars and VLBI K.T. Chyży, J. Kijak, A. Kus, M. Soida and R. Wielebinski 957
Ozma II: the biggest targeted search for interstellar radio signals in the twentieth century Robert H. Gray 981
Galileo could have simulated his early data on the phases of Venus Viktor Blåsjö 993
Cultural and historical astronomy in a brontologion from Georgia Jefferson Sauter, Irakli Simonia and Wayne Orchiston 1001
Before the planetarium: the astral lantern and cosmosphere of Franklin Henry Bailey Horace A. Smith and Keith Snedegar 1017
Why the projection planetarium was not conceived or invented during the late nineteenth century Jordan D. Marché II 1031
New Zealand’s first scientific observatories: the tent observatories used on Cook’s Second and Third Voyages to the Pacific Wayne Orchiston and Glen Rowe 1033

Papers from the 50th Anniversary Meeting of the American Astronomical Society’s Solar Physics Division

The Fiftieth Anniversary Celebration of the Solar Physics Division of the American Astronomical Society Jay M. Pasachoff, Andrea K Dupree, Peter Foukal, Spencer Weart and Jack Zirker 1057
Some developments in observational and theoretical solar astronomy since 1970 Peter Foukal 1059
Sun and stars: mutual symbiosis Andrea K. Dupree 1063
Total solar eclipses then and now Jay Pasachoff 1069
That was then, this is now; on to the future! Jack Zirker 1073
Solar physics and the climate problem Spencer Weart 1075
The eclipse Megamovie Project (2017)

Hugh Hudson, Laura Peticolas, Calvin Johnson, Vivian White, Mark Bender, Jay M. Pasachoff, Juan Carlos Martínez Oliveros, Alexei V. Filippenko, et al

From the Archives    
The history of the Observatory Library at Østervold in Copenhagen, Denmark Bertil F. Dorch and Jørgen Otzen Petersen 1090
Reminiscences of a radio astronomer Richard Wielebinski 1103
Book Reviews (all)    
Periodic Orbits – F.R. Moulton’s Quest for a New Lunar Theory, by Craig A. Stephenson Andreas Verdun 1123
Asteroids, by Clifford J. Cunningham Thomas H. Burbi 1125
Cosmology’s Century: An Inside History of Our Modern Understanding of the Universe, by P.J.E. Peebles Virginia Trimble 1126
The History of Modern Astronomy in Japan, by Tomokazu Kogure Tsuko Nakamura 1129
On Both Sides of the Strait of Gibraltar: Studies in the History of Medieval Astronomy in the Iberian Peninsula and the Maghrib, by Julio Samsó Luís Miguel Carolino 1131
Professor Challenger and His Lost Neolithic World, by Euan W. MacKie Carolyn Kennett 1132
Decoding Astronomy in Art and Architecture, by Marion Dolan Clifford J. Cunningham 1134
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