Volume 19 No. 1March/April 2016
About the JAHH and the coverInside Cover
Pictographs at Paint Rock, Texas: exploring the horizon astronomy and cultural intentGordon L. Houston and Irakli Simonia3
[Paper retracted]18
Exploring the first scientific observations of lunar eclipses made in SiamWayne Orchiston, Darunee
Lingling Orchiston,
Martin George, and
Boonrucksar Soonthornthum
Philippe de la Hire’s eighteenth century eclipse predictorLars Gislén and Chris Eade46
Comte, Mach, Planck, and Eddington: a study of influence across generationsAlan H. Batten51
Aboriginal Astronomical traditions from Ooldea, South Australia, Part 2: Animals in the Ooldean SkyTrevor M. Leaman, Duane W. Hamacher,
and Mark T. Carter
Australian solar eclipse expeditions: the voyage to Cape York in 1871Nick Lomb79
Book Reviews (all)
Masters of the Universe: Conversations with Cosmologists of the Past by Helge KraghJoseph S. Tenn96
Indian Astronomy: Concepts and Procedures by S. Balachandran RaoMayank Vahia99
Lost in the Stars. A.W. Roberts at the Crossroads of Mission, Science, and Race in South Africa 1883–1938
by Keith Snedegar
Ian Glass100
Da Serra da Mantiqueira as Montanhas do Havai – A Historia do Laboratorio Nacional de Astrofisica
by Christina Helena da Motta Barboza
Antonio A.P. Videira102
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Volume 19 No.2July/August 2016
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Evolution of the Foucault-Secretan reflecting telescopeWilliam Tobin106
The early history of low frequency radio astronomy in Australia. 6: Michael Bessell and the University
of Tasmania’s Richmond field station near Hobart
Martin George, Wayne Orchiston, Brice Slee, and Richard Wielebinski185
Are space studies a scientific discipline in its own right?Jérôme Lamay and Emmanuel Davoust195
How supernovae became the basis of observational cosmologyMaria Victorovna Pruzhinskaya and Sergey Mikhailovich Lisakov203
Astronomy of the Korku Tribe of IndiaM.N. Vahia, Ganesh Halkare, and Purushottam Dahedar216
Book Reviews (all)
The Dawning Moon of the Mind by Susan Brind MorrowClifford J. Cunningham233
Exploring the History of New Zealand Astronomy: Trials, Tribulations, Telescopes and Transits by
Wayne Orchiston
William Tobin234
Galileo’s Telescope: A European Story, by Massimo Bucciantini, Michele Camerota and Franco Giudice, translated by Catherine Bolton AND Galileo’s Idol: Gianfrancesco Sagredo & the Politics of Knowledge
by Nick Wilding
Clifford J. Cunningham237
Editorial NoteWayne Orchiston238
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Volume 19 No.3November/December 2016
About the JAHH and the coverInside Cover
Highlighting the history of Japanese radio astronomy, 4: early solar research in OsakaWayne Orchiston, Tsuko Nakamura, and Masato Ishiguro240
A lunar eclipse volvelle in Petrus Apianus’ Astronomicum CaesareumLars Gislén247
On the lost portrait of Galileo by the Tuscan painter Santi di TitoPaolo Molaro255
Nūr Ud-Dīn Jah Ngīr and Father Kirwitzer: the independent discovery of the Great Comets of
November 1618 and the first astronomical use of the telescope in India
R.C. Kapoor264
Introducing AstroGen: the Astronomy Genealogy ProjectJoseph S. Tenn298
William Herschel’s ‘Hole in the Sky’ and the discovery of dark nebulaeWolfgang Steinicke305
Reconstructing the star knowledge of Aboriginal TasmaniansMichelle Gantevoort, Duane W. Hamacher, and
Savannah Lischick
Book Reviews (all)
Astronomy in India 1784–1876 by Joydeep SenMayank Vahia348
Wolf Telescopes: A Collection of Historical Telescopes by Wolf, Edward D. WolfWilliam Tobin349
Chintamani Ragoonatha Charry and Contemporary Indian Astronomy by B.S. ShylajaRamesh Kapoor and Wayne Orchiston351
History of the Sky – On Stones by B.S. Shylaja, and Geetha Kydala GaneshaWayne Orchiston353
History of Indian Astronomy: A Handboook edited by K. Ramasubramanian, Aniket Sule, and
Mayank Vahia
Wayne Orchiston356
Errata and AddendaWayne Orchiston361
Index for Volume 19363
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