Volume 17 No. 1March/April 2014
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Highlighting the history of Japanese radio astronomy. 3: Early solar radio research
at the Tokyo Astronomical Observatory
Hiroshi Nakajima, Masato Ishiguro, Wayne Orchiston, Kenji Akabane,
Shinzo Enome†, Masa Hayashi, Norio Kaifu, Tsuko Nakamura and
Atsushi Tsuchiya†
Ancient astronomical culture in Ukraine. 1: Finds relating to the Paleolithic EraIrina B. Vavilova and Tetyana G. Artemenko29
The beginnings of modern astronomy at the University of St AndrewsAlan H. Batten39
Twenty-five years of helioseismology research in UzbekistanSh. A. Ehgamberdiev, E. Fossat and A.V. Serebryanskiy45
The astronomy of two Indian tribes: the Banjaras and the KolamsM.N. Vahia, Ganesh Halkare, Kishore Menon and Harini Calamur65
The 1761 discovery of Venus’ atmosphere: Lomonosov and othersVladimir Shiltsev85
Indian astronomy and the transits of Venus. 2: The 1874 eventR.C. Kapoor113
Book Reviews
L’Observatoire de Paris: 350 Ans de Science, edited by Laurence Bobis and James LequeuxWilliam Tobin136
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Volume 17 No. 2July/August 2014
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EditorialDuane W. Hamacher and Wayne Orchiston140
Papers: Ethnoastronomy of Aboriginal Australians
Songlines and navigation in Wardaman and other Australian Aboriginal culturesRay P. Norris and Bill Yidumduma Harney141
Star maps and travelling to ceremonies: the Euahlayi People and their use of the
night sky
Robert S. Fuller, Michelle Trudgett, Ray P. Norris and Michael G. Anderson149
Are supernovae recorded in indigenous astronomical traditions?Duane W. Hamacher161
The emu sky knowledge of the Kamilaroi and Euahlayi PeoplesRobert S. Fuller, Michael G. Anderson, Ray P. Norris and Michelle Trudgett171
Aboriginal astronomical traditions from Ooldea, South Australia. Part 1: Nyeeruna and
‘The Orion Story’
Trevor M. Leaman and Duane W. Hamacher180
Dreamtime astronomy: development of a new indigenous program at Sydney ObservatoryGeoffrey Wyatt, Toner Stephenson and Duane W. Hamacher195
The Ilgarijiri Project: A collaboration between Aboriginal communities and radio astronomers in
the Murchison Region of Western Australia
John Goldsmith205
Other Papers
The possible astronomical function of the El Molle stone circle at the ESO Observatory, La Silla. II: The updated measurement campaignGabriella Bernardi, Alberto Vecchiato and Beatrice Bucciarelli216
The Sardinian type underground well temple at Garlo, Bulgaria: an architectural and astronomical
Lyubomir Tsonev and Dimiter Kolev222
Book Review
A Single Sky: How an International Community Forged the Science of Radio Astronomy,
by David P.D. Munns
Peter Robertson238
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Volume 17 No.3November/December 2014
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The Stebbins Galaxy: the origins of interstellar medium studies in the shrinking super-galaxyJames Lattis240
Burmese shadow calculationsLars Gislén and Chris Eade258
The discovery of quasars and its aftermathK.I. Kellermann267
John Bolton and the discovery of discrete radio sourcesPeter Robertson, Wayne Orchiston and Bruce Slee283
The Aboriginal Australian cosmic landscape. Part 1: the ethnobotany of the skyworldPhilip A. Clarke307
Declinations in the Almagest: accuracy, epoch, and observersJohn C. Brandt, Peter Zimmer and Patricia B. Jones326
Harvey Butcher: a passion for astronomical instrumentationRagbir Bhathal339
An historical perspective on the suspected meteorite impact sites of Tennessee.
1: The Dycus Structure
J.R.H. Ford, Wayne Orchiston and Ron Clendening352
Index to volume 17365
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