Volume 11 No. 1March 2008
About the JAHH and the coverInside Cover
Papers from the Osterbrock Memorial Symposium
W.W. Morgan and the Discovery of the Spiral Arm Structure of our GalaxyWilliam Sheehan3
The Pleasures of the VaultAnthony Misch22
The 40-foot Solar Eclipse Camera of the Lick ObservatoryJohn C. Pearson & Wayne Orchiston25
Other Papers
Ancient Greek Heliocentric Views Hidden from Prevailing Beliefs?Ioannis Liritzis, & Alexandra Coucouzeli39
Milutin Milanković and the Reform of the Julian Calendar in 1923M.S. Dimitrijević, E. Th. Theodossiou,
& P.Z. Mantarakis
The (Almost) Unseen Total Eclipse of 1831Ian R. Bartky55
Molonglo Observatory: Building the Cross and MOSTBruce McAdam63
The Australian Solar Eclipse Expeditions of 1947 and 1949Harry Wendt, Wayne Orchiston,
& Bruce Slee
Book Reviews (all)
Jesse Ramsden (1735-1800): London’s Leading Scientific Instrument Maker, by Anita McConnellDavid Blank79
Mission to Jupiter: A History of the Galileo Project, by Michael MeltzerJames Bryan79
“…eine ausnehmende Zierde und Vortheil” – Geschichte der Kieler Universitätssternwarte
und ihrer Vorgängerinnen 1770 – 1950,
by Felix Lühning
Hilmar W. Duerbeck80
Un Astronome des Lumières: Jérôme de Lalande, by Simone DumontAnita McConnell80
Bearing the Heavens: Tycho Brahe an the Astronomical Community of the Late Sixteenth Century,
by Adam Mosley
Günther Oestmann81
One Time Fits All: The Campaign for Global Uniformity, by Ian R. BartkyG.A. Wilkins82
Cometography. A Catalogue of Comets. Volume 3: 1900-1932, by Gary W. KronkWayne Orchiston83
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Volume 11 No. 2July 2008
About the JAHH and the coverInside Cover
The Origin and Meaning of Colourful Descriptions in Chinese Astronomical RecordsRichard G. Strom87
Cassini, Rømer, and the Velocity of LightLaurence Bobis & James Lequeux97
A Newly-discovered Accurate Early Drawing of M51, the Whirlpool NebulaWilliam Tobin, & J.B. Holberg107
Ernesto Vasconcellos’ Astronomia Photographica: The Earliest Popular Book on Astronomical Photography?Vitor Bonifácio, Isabel Malaquias, & João Fernandes116
Rado Köveslighety’s Spectroscopic WorkLajos G. Balázs, Magda Vargha, & Endre Zsoldos124
The Hydrogen Abundance in Stars: A First Major Step for Quantitative AstrophysicsDavide Cenadelli134
From Research Institution to Astronomical Museum: A History of the Stockholm ObservatorySteven Haywood Yaskell146
A short History of Two Nineteenth Century German Instruments at the Bologna Observatory:
The 16-cm Steinheil Refractor and the Ertel & Sohn Meridian Circle
Francesco Poppi, Fabrizio Bònoli, & Andrea Gualandi157
Book Reviews (all)
Star Maps: History, Artistry, and Cartography by Nick KanasRobert A. Garfinkle167
Proxima: The Nearest Star (Other Than the Sun!), by I.S. GlassWayne Orchiston167
James Van Allen: The First Billion Miles, by Abigail FoerstnerRobert A. Garfinkle
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Volume 11 No. 3November 2008
Inside Cover
Christiansen Papers
W.N. Christiansen and the Development of the Solar Grating ArrayHarry Wendt, Wayne Orchiston, & Bruce Slee173
W.N. Christiansen and the Initial Australian Investigation of the 21cm Hydrogen LineHarry Wendt, Wayne Orchiston, & Bruce Slee185
Reminiscences Regarding Professor R.N. ChristiansenGovind Swarup194
Other Papers
The Earliest Telescope Preserved in JapanTsuko Nakamura203
Ethnographic and Literary Reflections on Ancient Georgian Astronomical HeritageI. Simonia, C. Ruggles, & R. Chagunava213
Letters from Augustin Hallerstein, an Eighteenth Century Jesuit Astronomer in BeijingStanislav Juznic219
The Phantom Moon of Venus, 1645-1768Kurt Møller Pedersen, & Helge Kragh227
William Herschel’s Fifty-two Fields of Extensive Diffused Nebulosity – a RevisionArndt Latusseck235
Book Reviews (all)
Astronom in zwei Welten, by Dieter B. HerrmannHilmar W. Duerbeck247
Der Wissenschaftsmacher: Reimar Lüst im Gespräch mit Paul Nolte, by David PingreeHilmar W. Duerbeck247
Sternwarten: 95 astronomische Observatorien in aller Welt, by Stefan Binnewies,
Wolfgang Steinicke, & Jens Moser
Hilmar W. Duerbeck 248
Universe in a Mirror: The Saga of the Hubble Space Telescope and the Visionaries Who Built It,
by Robert Zimmerman
Hilmar W. Duerbeck 249
Index to Volume 11250
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