T.A.L.A Astrochats Series of Webinar

Two days before the celebration of the World’s Teachers Day, Mr. Ramon Jefferson Verano discussed the fourth episode of AstroChats about Satellite Technology. Mr. Verano was advancing with a Graduate Diploma in Astronomy at the Rizal Technological University. He presented about the utilization of Satellite Technology in astronomy research and education. He also discussed about the current trends and news about the satellite progression in the Philippines.
On October 10, 2020, Ms. Princess Tucio, a faculty researcher at the Center for Astronomy Research and Development, and at the Department of Earth and Space Sciences at the Rizal Technological University discussed about X-Ray Astronomy. She shared her experience and take-aways from several workshops and seminars in x-r ay astronomy both local but mostly international. She discussed the basics of x-ray astronomy and its advantage in discovering astronomical objects with high-energy emissions. Backed-up with python programming, research papers can be produced out from the x-ray astronomy.

For the last episode of AstroChats in October, we invited two (2) resource persons. Mr. John Mark Jiao and Mr. Val Amiel Vestil discussed the DRRM Thematic Areas and Science Communication for Development; respectively. Mr. Jiao included in his presentation the basic concept of the Disaster Risk and Reduction Management and its mandates. He mentioned about the importance of putting city DRRM since the Philippines is a disaster-prone area. Mr. Vestil on the other hand, shared his experiences as science communicator. He mentioned that science should be shared unintimidating to the community for the Filipinos grasp authentic and scientific news.
For the next episodes of AstroChats, there will three (3) resource persons for the whole month of November 2020.