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Dwala Curdob

Bio Statement Happy birthday images. I could not believe it. Twenty four! Yes, twenty-four! There were twenty-four hairs in the sink. Twenty-four hairs from me. Unmistakable. Exactly my length. Exactly my color. Who else? There was nobody here but me. Twenty four. No doubt was possible. So I counted again. Twenty-four. I could count as often as I wanted; every time the same crushing result: Twenty-four! A single time combing and twenty-four hair irretrievably lost.

I was destroyed. I was at the end. I was done. Only the look in the mirror gave me back my courage. No, there was nothing to see. Nothing. Nothing at all. Not a trace. There was not a single hair missing. Still the same hairy head as before the combing. My hair, my pride, it was thick and full as ever. Nothing was missing. Absolutely nothing.

Happy birthday images. And if so. What are twenty-four hairs? The average man has more than a hundred thousand hairs on his head. - If! Yes, if he does not belong to the bald heads. To these deplorable creatures to whom fate has imposed the worst punishment that can be given to a man. But I was spared of it, thank God. I could not get a head. Leaves are hereditary - that is scientifically proven. And there has never been a bald head in our family. Not even one. So nothing could happen to me. I was genetically immune.

Now it has been the case that our family has been strictly rational for generations. In our widespread clan, we do not simply get married out of pure surplus and blind infatuation. No, in our family, care has been taken for generations to ensure that a marriage must have a solid foundation. It is one of the irrefutable principles that a person who hasĀ happy birthday pictures a bald head in his or her family environment is not a partner. That was and it is completely unthinkable. And that's good. This was the only way to ensure, over generations, that our family was spared by this hostage of humanity.

Happy birthday images. Ever since, everyone in our family had dense full hair. The women and the men. To old age. There is still no exception. Not a single. And everyone in our family is proud of this seal of genetic purity. So I was immune. There was no doubt about that. Nothing could happen to me. This was caused by genes. Oh mom, oh papa, thank you for my good genes.