Courses Offered

Doctorate Degree

  • Doctor in Business Administration
  • Doctor of Philosophy major in Technology Education
  • Doctor of Philosophy major in Public Administration

Master's Degree

  • Master of Arts in Educational Management
  • Master of Arts in Instructional Technology
  • Master of Arts in Industrial Psychology
  • Master of Arts in Mathematics Education
  • Master of Arts in Literature and Language Instruction
  • Master of Arts in Science Education
  • Master of Science in Engineering Education major in:
    >> Computer Engineering
    >> Industrial Engineering
    >> Instrumentation and Control Engineering
  • Master in Business Administration
  • Master of Arts in Public Administration
  • Master of Science in Astronomy
  • Master of Science in Information Technology

Diploma Programs

  • Graduate Diploma in Astronomy
  • Graduate Diploma in Public Administration
  • Graduate Diploma in Business Administration


GS Institutional Email:

For further inquiries, applicants may call the GS Office at (02)534-82-67 loc 128