The Rizal Technological University is committed to quality instruction, research extension, and administrative services attuned to all statutory and regulatory requirements to achieve the highest level of stakeholders’ satisfaction and mutually beneficial partnership responsive to the needs of continual improvement and standards.

Quality Objectives


  1. To establish and implement an effective quality management system that enhances tertiary education conforming to international standards;
  2. To engage in innovative research and extension activities through application of technology that will improve the quality of life;
  3.  To maintain efficient and effective communication among stakeholders for enhanced performance of internal administrative and institutional support structures;
  4. To continuously review and monitor the performance of the University structures through an effective by integrating feedback mechanism; and
  5. To ensure  customer satisfaction by integrating risk-based thinking approach in all services provided.


Provide opportunities for qualified students to become professional engineers and technicians of the country. Specifically, the engineering programs are designed to:

  1. Acquire full understanding of the scientific principles and knowledge of the particular field;
  2. Develop a high level of competence in its engineering methods and application;
  3. Communicate effectively and succinctly important result of any technical study bith verbally and technically;
  4. Nurture the desire for continuing professional growth and explore new horizons in technology; and
  5. Imbue the graduates with socially and morally sound motivations and pronciples to live by.


1.To produce business professionals and entrepreneurs with skills, knowledge abilities and work attitudes ready to the challenges of competitive business world.

2. To prepare young men and women in the field of business and industry, making them aware of their worthwhile contributions to the economy and society as well as their  ethical and social responsibilities.


Committed to produce multi-literate, innovative, highly motivated educators equipped with positive values and attitudes, appropriate training, and 21st century skills responsive to the development needs of the global and local societies.


  1. To produce competent teachers who are effective facilitators of learning and who uphold professional, ethical, and moral standards of teaching and learning;
  2. To harmonize theories and modern pedagogies through relevant research and field studies;
  3. To develop research-drawn, quality instructional materials and production activities to enhance teaching-learning process;
  4. To embrace and keep abreast with the emerging trends of teaching methodologies, systems, assessment forms and educational technologies in a dynamic world;
  5. To carry out research-driven extension activites, responsive to the needs of the society with productive and self- reliant citizens.


  1. Develop basic skills of comprehension, communication and critical thinking;
  2. Illustrate the interrelationship among various dimensions of knowledge through research and extension programs;
  3. Develop the student’s aesthetic, cultural and literacy tastes through exposure to the world of arts and letters;
  4.  Cultivate an environment where discipline, integrity, mutual respect and honesty prevail above all;
  5. Heighten appreciation for the sciences stressing their importance in shaping the world of tomorrow, and
  6. Affirm the ideas of a free society that preserves the fundamentals rights of the human being.


  1. Prepare the students to become world-class physical education teachers, coaches, trainers and dance/fitness instructors and administrators;
  2. Inculcate physical fitness awareness among practitioners, students and members of the community; and
  3. Develop the students and practitioners as partners of the government in producing a healthy citizenry and as implementers of the programs of local and international sports organization.


  1. Enhance critical thinking through independent study leading to innovations for socio-economic progress;
  2. Expand learning opportunities and optimize potentialities of the students to achieve academic and professional advancement;
  3. Provide relevant training in research to actively contribute to the advancement of knowledge and the nation’s sustainable growth and development;
  4. Serve as a center for the delivery of responsive extension programs and linkages to the various stakeholders.