college of EDUCATION

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The gOALS of the college of education:


  1. Establish a center for excellence for teacher education programs;
  2. Obtain bigger percentage of employability of teacher education graduates with the corresponding high passing rate licensure examinations;
  3. Attract the most qualified faculty and students into the teaching profession.
  4. Equip teachers with professional advancement necessary in molding their students to commit themselves to this noble endeavor; and
  5. Promote among students the true Christian spirit manifested be value-laden attitudes and behavior.

Prof. Liberty Gay Manalo


Prof. Ma. Cecilia Lojo

information and communication technology

Prof. Ma. Socorro Villa

Home Economics

Prof. Guillermo Ochoa

English Department

Prof. Roberto Martin Sing

Social Studies

Prof. Ma. Michelle Garganera


Prof. Virginia Miranda

Values Education

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