college of EDUCATION

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A center of progress and innovation recognized for quality technology-oriented teacher education.


To establish a research-oriented and innovation-intensive center that leads to the production of world class educators.


Committed to produce multi-literate, innovative, highly motivated educators equipped with positive values and attitudes, appropriate trainings and 21st century skills responsive to the development needs of the glocal societies.


  1. To produce competent teachers who are effective facilitators of learning and who uphold professional, ethical and moral standards of teaching and learning;
  2. To harmonize theories and modern pedagogies through relevant research and field studies;
  3. To develop research-drawn, quality instructional materials and production activities to enhance teaching-learning process;
  4. To embrace and keep abreast with the emerging trends of teaching methodologies, systems, assessment forms and educational technologies in a dynamic world;
  5. To carry out research-driven extension activities, responsive to the needs of the society with productive and self-reliant citizens.

prof. marika yamin aniag

college secretary

Prof. Liberty Gay c. Manalo

Mathematics department

Prof. Ma. Cecilia m. Lojo

information and communication technology department

Prof. Maria Socorro f. Villa

Home Economics deaprtment

Prof. Guillermo miguel Ochoa

English Department

Dr. Melvin o. Mortera

Filipino department

Prof. Roberto Martin l.Sing

Social Studies department

Prof. Benjamin Ola jr.

Sciences department

Prof. Ma. Michelle Garganera

LHS MAPEH department

Prof. Virginia c. Miranda

Values Education department

Prof. edna p. cabrera

LHS principal

Prof. jayson romero

pasig coordinator

Prof. josephine o. salatandre

student-teachers' supervisor

Prof. anjo m. abaratigue

college staff

Prof. faith micah d. abenes

college staff

Prof. gerald paul d. jugo

lhs staff

Prof. madelaine s. almonte

lhs staff

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