Vice President for Student Services


Vice President for Student Services


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The office of the Student Services renders multifaceted programs that promote the best quality of campus life.


1. Establish linkages with industries to assess their manpower requirements for the preparation of placement programs for the graduates and the graduating students of this university.
2. Provide medical and dental services in the form of consultation and treatment.
3. Provide quality materials, modern facilities, equipment, efficient and effective services through the use of the library.
4. Conduct seminars to all students to develop their full potentials in all aspects.
5. Assist students to reach their highest goals provided in the academic, vocational, social, personal and physical processes.
6. Maintain an effective system of keeping students personnel records and cumulative records.
7. Recognize the academic potential of students through scholarship grants.
8. Give assistance to the students in the procurement of grades and other credentials.
9. Enhance the student’s skills and talents in the development of self-esteem and self-confidence.
10. Provide nutritional foods to students and staff to maintain good healthy body.

The Vice President for Student Services oversees the overall management of the nine departments which are tasked to cater to students’ needs and welfare. These nine offices support the VPSS in her performance of her duties and functions. The offices under the VPSS are:

  1. Students Records and Admission Services (SRAS) – The Student Records and Admission Services shall have charge of admissions, registration, schedule of academic calendar and examinations, scholastic records, commencements and the publication of catalogues, directories and announcements.
  2. Department of Students affairs (DSA) – The Department of Student Affairs shall be responsible for the orderly conduct of student extra-curricular activities calculated to enhance and supplement classroom instruction.
  3. Guidance and Counseling Center (GCC) – The Guidance and Counseling Center shall have charge of programs and activities offering guidance and counseling services to students for the purpose of discovering and using their skills and potentials. It shall take the lead in gathering psychological data for use in faculty evaluations, testing, follow-up inventory, placement assistance and related programs and activities.
  4. Department of Libraries
  5. Medical-Dental and Radiological Services
  6. Department of Auxiliary Services (DAS) – The Department of Auxiliary Services shall supervise the medical and dental services, the food services, the dormitory services and other similar services in the University.
  7. Scholarship Office (SO) 
  8. Cultural Affairs Office (CAO)
  9. Sports Development Office (SDO)

Aside from the specific tasks assigned to them, these nine departments assist the VPSS in the orderly conduct of students’ extra-curricular activities to enhance and supplement classroom instruction.